I was so excited to *finally* get Green Fire that I raced over the AH to find something green to wear for my official “I Gots Green Fire!” picture!

There wasn’t much so I threw together an outfit that wasn’t bad but kind of boring.

Elgar made a couple of suggestions – one the Hibernal set – and all the pieces were at the AH so I have a new transmog for my Green Fire!

Yup, it's GREEN!

Yup, it’s GREEN!

Yes, I’m still happily spamming Green Rain of Fire at the Shrine…

There are much better “Warlocky” outfits out there but they will take some farming so this will do for now.

Since I really didn’t expect to get my Green Fire this soon, I still have a bunch of time to kill before WoD is released.

I thought it was probably a good time to start working on the Proving Grounds as the rumor is one will need Silver to queue for WoD Heroics.

I’m not sure if the MoP Silver will do or if Blizz is planning some other Proving Grounds for WoD but what the heck – it’s something to do.

I tried Silver on my Priest a while ago and never made it past wave 4 so I wasn’t sure how my Warlock would do.

Well, after dancing around the Kanrethad fight for Green Fire, Silver Proving Grounds was Easy Mode.

It only took me a couple of tries to get it – LoL Havoc + Chaos Bolt.

Proving Grounds Silver

Proving Grounds Silver

I hear Gold is a lot more challenging but what the heck? I’ve got time to work on it.

After all, it can’t be nearly as bad as Kanrethad…