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Because I enjoy having my stress levels over the top in the Danger Zone, I spent another couple of hours wiping to Kanrethad the other night.  I’m still wiping at the first Imp stage but I’ve narrowed down some of my problems:

Pit Lord

Okay – this guy gets enslaved with “Defensive” active.

I’ve been hitting “Assist” so he you know…actually attacks when I do, but I’ve been reading that some people leave him on Defensive, and some put him on Passive and use macros to attack.

So…I think Attack starts on auto-attack, so if I click Attack for him to attack, then do I have to do that all the time?

I do have a macro to /tar Kanrethad and /charge for the Cataclysm interrupt and I think this is used for the Imps too?

Yeah, I don’t know how to control pets…

Attempt #23^14

Attempt #23^14


I sacrifice my Imp for the Singe Magic ability.  I picked Unbound Will for an extra cleanse.

I’ve been using Dark Bargain (well, actually I’ve forgotten to use it) but I’m thinking maybe Sacrificial Pact might be better because it’s on a one minute CD.

I have a macro so the Pit Lord casts Fel Flame Breath on me.

Now, from what I understand a macro for Singe Magic would actually use Command Demon.

So…I have macros for these and I thought I’d be really clever (yeah, you know where this is going and what happens when I think I’m clever) and use VuhDo for the cleansing macros.

The theory is I can use the macro commands for left/right mouse clicks in VuhDo, and when I need to dispel I can quickly click the appropriate mouse button over my VuhDo frame and voila!  Cleansed!

VuhDo will also change the frame color so I know when I have a debuff on me.

Except the macros don’t work…or maybe they do and I’m getting the debuffs back on me that fast.

I just don’t know…

The macro I have for the Pit Lord to target me and cast Fel Flame Breath is on a VuhDo mouse click and on my bars so I can just hit a key for it as a backup.

I’ve noticed that the macro on my keys is *always* not active – you know how the icons look dim when they are on CD or not available.

So I don’t know what’s up with that at all.  I think my macro is okay:

/cast [@Cococat] Fel Flame Breath

Interestingly enough, if I test out the Command Demon and other non-Pit Lord macros before I’m in combat, they work fine.

In combat I don’t think they always work when they are not on CD and should work.

I do use the Fel Flame Breath a lot – try to stand in it anyway – but it doesn’t always seem to cleanse the debuffs off – could be I’m not actually getting hit with it.

I’ve only seen the Purple circles a couple of times when I didn’t cleanse myself (macros didn’t seem to do anything), so I’m interpreting that to mean *most* of the time I’m doing okay with that part.


I’ve been getting better at dodging most of the Chaos Bolts.  You can see in the picture that I don’t have my Teleport behind the pillar in back because I found I wouldn’t be in LoS of it and miss it so I just leave it there and run behind the pillar.

Seems to work…


According to my Combat Log, I’m dying to the Imps (most of the time when I don’t derp up anything before then like eating a Chaos Bolt.)

Now, the theory is to drop a bunch of RoF at the portal as they come out, stun, Fel Breath, dead – except they don’t all die.

So I’m not sure as to the *exact* way to do this – use the Pit Lord stun on Kanrethad that should hit the Imps too?  Use Shadowfury for the stun?  Do I need to use Fire and Brimstone too?

Haven’t found a clear answer yet.

I think I’m making a bit of progress (at least I hope I am) so maybe if I get the macros/dispel problems worked out I might have a shot at getting past the first Imp stage.

At least that’s my theory…



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