I dusted off my “original” DK for Shadowlands leveling and maybe do some content.

I decided to bite the bullet and level as Frost rather than default to my usual instincts to level in a tank spec because I don’t die as much.

Another perk of running around in tank spec is that one usually doesn’t get kicked off your mount while taking that short cut through packs of mobs.

Yes, Frost was painful at the start because I didn’t know what I was doing and how the spells worked. By the time I got to level 57 I was starting to get the hang of it. I could stomp through quests, pull 3-4 mobs at a time and only died if I overestimated how many I could handle.

The star of the DK show is Breath of Sindragosa. This saved my sorry behind more than a few times so it’s become my favorite spell.

It took me significantly less time to get from 57-60 than with any other characters mostly because I wouldn’t have to stop and eat after killing one mob (I’m looking at you, Rogue!)

DK #1

I do have one important confession to make – I used Death Strike – frequently – to keep me alive. You probably won’t find Death Strike anywhere in discussions about optimal Frost rotations because it’s technically a tank spell.

However, if you’re not the best player like I am, Death Strike can help you through it. Yes, I should be ashamed but if I can cut back on the graveyard runs I’m okay with it.

I had such a good time I decided to level up DK #2 (Void Elf) and that went even faster now that I had a bit of experience with Frost.

DK #2

Unfortunately, I picked the Kyrian covenants for both of them pre-9.1 and of course now that’s only recommended for Blood spec. After 9.1 Necrolord is recommended for Frost and Unholy so…

Not that it really matters because it’s not as if I’m a Mythic raider or anything. I might change one DK just so I have one character in each covenant (pets, you know!)

Last but not least, I have my level 52 Frost Mage to level up – back to the painful, eat-after-every-mob fun. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and figure this one out long before level 60!