I was hoping to catch some AWESOME screen shots and other goodies of my Green Fire attempts, and I wasn’t disappointed!

No Green Fire – Round 9

If you’ve read any of my previous attempts they pretty much sum up Round 9.

Sometimes I’d make it to the first Doom Lord, and once I even made it to the second set of Fel Puppies before taking a Chaos Bolt to the face.

A few times I’d get a free air trip with Cataclysm, or – my personal favorite – whapped to death by my own Pit Lord.

Flying Courtesy Air Kanrethad

Flying Courtesy Air Kanrethad

My best attempt at Round 9 was getting my buddy Kanrethad down to a mere 7129k before the DoTs killed me because I forgot to dispell them.

Round 9 - My Best Attempt So Far!

Round 9 – My Best Attempt So Far!

Yeah…that was pretty much my Saturday…

I was getting tired and starting to make stupid mistakes so I decided to quit and start fresh Sunday morning.

No Green Fire – Round 10

Got up early, fed the cat, put on a giant pot of coffee, counted my Drums of Forgotten Kings, bought more Flasks of the Warm Sun then made the long, humiliating journey to Black Temple.

I started off with a bang…literally.



That pretty much sums up my morning attempts.

I made another pot of coffee and took more Chaos Bolts to the face, flying trips and rounds of Angry Imps, Pit Lord, Fel Puppies and Doom Lords.

My last attempt I managed to get through it all up to second Doom Lord.  I had made some stupid, fat-fingered mistakes but managed to recover so I kept going.

Kanrethad was the lowest I had ever got him when I took another Chaos Bolt to the face and died.

I still had control of my Pit Lord because I had already cleared the second round of Fel Puppies so I though what the heck and attacked Kanrethad with the Pit Lord.

And I got him.

Eat my Shorts Kanrethad!

Eat my Shorts Kanrethad!

Yes, I was dead (forgot to Soulstone myself) but it was over.

I rezzed and tried to turn in the quest but a very, very angry Pit Lord and two Doom Lords were apparently still holding a grudge and kept killing me, so I left the instance and got my GREEN FIRE at the other location.

Sorry for the poor video quality – I have Fraps but this is the first time I’ve used it.

Finally, the obligatory Dreadsteed/Minfernal screen shot:

Green Fire Horsie!

Green Fire Horsie!

I might go back someday and do the fight again just to see the ending standing on my own two feet instead of face-planted in the floor…maybe someday.