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Okay – I know this is getting really boring with me just yapping about my failed attempts at getting Kanrethad down for green fire so…

Since Round 10 is coming up, I think it would be fun to do a Special 10th Edition: No Green Fire blog post.

I have a few ideas so stay tuned for some 10th Edition: No Green Fire fun next week!

In the meantime…back to our regularly scheduled programming failure.

“Progression” is an Four Letter word

Yup – that’s all I did last night for about 4 hours.  I had my Leatherworker make more Drums of Forgotten Kings – think I made 2 so that’s 100.  Should have made more but 100 should be good for another round or so.

As I said I don’t like to keep count of my failed attempts because I only have to win this once and then I’m done forever, but for those who enjoy numbers I’m guesstimating I’ve put in well over 60-70 so far.

I’ve just been using the Drums and a Flask – I don’t bother eating for a food buff because it really doesn’t help my dps much.  When I get closer to getting this I’ll go for the buff.

I am definitely making progress though.  I can get through the first Imp phase fairly consistently now and only mess up when I do something stupid.

I don’t even have to use F&B on the Imps – RoFs on them, Pit Lord’s Charge when the cast is done, Breathe, a few more RoFs and dead Imps.

I’m about 50/50 on the Fel puppies.  It’s all in the timing and I haven’t got that down yet.

And they have to go down fast.

Really fast.

Our buddy Kanrethad casts a Chaos Bolt right after the Fel puppies stage and if they are all not dead they WILL follow you behind the pillar, eat your Pit Lord Enslave then chew you up like squeaky toy.

Since my dps sucks, I need to use the Pit Lord’s Charge to stun them for the extra damage.

This actually works and I did it a couple of times but like I said, timing is everything with very little margin for error.

So we have:

1.  Kanrethad casts Cataclysm – hope to the gods you have a Chaos Bolt ready and pre-cast it while at the same time using the Pit Lord’s Charge to interrupt his cast and get off your Chaos Bolt.  If you only have one Chaos Bolt or worse yet – no Chaos Bolts – you’re screwed because you need one for the Fel puppies.

2.  Immediately move the Pit Lord to the right side of the portal while trying to dps Kanrethad and dispell/heal yourself while getting into position on the left side of the portal.

3.  Start dropping RoFs at the portal entrance so Fel puppies #1 and #2 come to you – at the same time cast Havoc on Fel puppy #1, target Fel puppy #2, keep RoF down at the entrance to aggro Fel puppy #3 and start pre-casting a Chaos Bolt on Fel puppy #2.

4.  Before Chaos Bolt is finished casting, use the Pit Lord’s Charge on Fel puppy #2 and if you timed it right, Fel puppies #1 and #2 are dead, Fel puppy #3 is stunned and you can burn it down fast with the extra stun damage and get the hell out of Dodge because Kanrethad is already casting his Chaos Bolt.

I think you need to do all of this in about 2 seconds.

If I do it right I’m gold and make it to the first Doom Lord phase.

If I fat-finger it I’m dead.

If I get to the first Doom Lord phase, my best so far has been getting Kanrethad down to just about 60% health, which isn’t very good.

That means at least one more round of Imps, Fel puppies and Doom Lord, then more rounds of Imps and Doom Lords until I get him down.

I don’t think I can dispell/heal myself through all that for more than one more round.

Even with my best attempts I had purple stuff on the ground and the Annoying Imp so….yeah.

The Fel puppy stage timing is so tight I find it really tough to work in a Singe Magic, Unbound Will and a Healthstone or something to heal.  Anyway, I’m so focused on getting the puppies down I forget.

I don’t dare use an Ember to heal because if I hit the Fel puppy Phase without one it’s game over.

I guess I’ll have to keep working on the Magic Cape – I need 10 more Runestones for this part – as it would hopefully help my dps get over 100k.

I’m definitely going to need it.





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