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For some reason, I’ve had it stuck in my head that I need a Void Elf Warlock.  I got a Void Elf Monk to level 120 for the heritage armor, but I really wanted a VE Warlock (I dunno…it’s not as if I play my Warlock much….)

So I started a VE Warlock and got her all the way to level 40 before the Great Leveling Crash and Burn of 2019.

I was just kicking around with my new “main” DH getting bored with dailies, so I logged on my Warlock and hit the leveling wall pretty quick.

Now, I had a few options:

Pay for a race change for my Human Warlock – No.  The cost in CND funds is too high and I’m saving up my gold to pay for a Blizzcon virtual ticket.

Use my free boost – Didn’t I use my last free expansion boost to boost a Warlock?  Yes, yes I did so why not?  Yes, another boosted noob Warlock…

So with my freshly Boosted Noob Warlock #2, what was missing?

Green Fire, of course!

I managed to find one tome on the AH for about 45k (cheapest I’ve seen) so I bought it and started the quest.

Now, considering the pain (and numerous “duh” moments) one would think I would have learned something from the last time.

No, no I did not.

I found myself repeating the same mistakes (forgetting to use Warlock tools, getting lost in Black Temple, dying to stupid, etc.) so it took me a little longer than I anticipated lol.

The only thing that was kind of sad was one-shotting Kanrethad at the end.  I defeated him before the Pit Lord came out of the portal.

Green Fire...Again

Green Fire…Again

Now that I have Green Fire for Warlock #2, all is right in the World of Warcraft and now I can level her to 120 so she too, can be played infrequently…

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