So I was looking over cloth transmog sets and Warlock Tier sets hoping to find something that didn’t have a snake-in-the-face, the usual over-the-top Warlock accoutrements and yet was green because Hell Yeah! Green Fire!

I have all the pieces for the Hibernal/Eldr’naan set but…well, I’m just not completely sold on it.

Then I found an old transmog post at WoW Insider that used those basic pieces but added in different boots, gloves, helm and shirt to make it look really good.

It’s almost a Darkmoon-Faire-Warlock-Circus-Clown look that is a lot of fun.

I found out the boots and gloves were quest rewards so I went to Thousand Needles confident I didn’t do the quests because “boosted noob.”

I hadn’t done any but I had to do the entire flipping quest chain – and all the “side” quests – to get the last one I needed for the boots.

Luckily one of the quests also rewarded “look-a-like” gloves so I was all set.

I made myself the “green” engineering goggles and then started looking for a staff.

And I found it – Terokk’s Shadowstaff – cause it’s Green and Purple!

So I raced to Outland and ran Heroic Sethekk Halls and…no staff.

I haven’t been there since I was farming for the Raven Lord mount.

I also took a guildie with me who hasn’t got the mount yet just in case it dropped.  The staff only drops in Heroic, so I would hate to have the mount drop and nobody there because I already have it.

Of course, a guildie who has been running it every day for the mount has got the staff – more than a few times.

So this will be an interesting RNG-fest – who gets the drop the other person wants first? HaHa – yeah, I hate RNG.

Here’s all the pieces from WoW Head (I haven’t snagged the bracers yet – random drop so I’ll have to get them from the AH if they ever show up):

Warlock Circus Clown Set

Warlock Circus Clown Set

I know what you people with a fashion sense are thinking – “Oh No Coco – You DID NOT put the Darkmoon Faire Cloak with that monstrosity!”

Why yes, yes I did…

Yes, I did!

Yes, I did!

A guildie actually suggested a better cloak to go with it – I’ll have to see if I can track it down but in the meantime…

Yes, I folded completely with Warlock Tier sets and decided the only one worth farming for is Tier 2.

A couple of guildies helped me through BWL and the only Warlock piece that dropped was the helm so it will be a while before I get the set.

Warlock Tier 2

Warlock Tier 2

I know every Warlock probably has this but honestly, it’s a smashing set and doesn’t get much better than this – it’s even got the skull and horns.

But until I get all the pieces, I’ll be running around Azeroth spamming Green Fire in my Darkmoon Faire Warlock Circus Clown outfit with the Darkmoon Faire Cloak flapping in the wind…