After just taking a lucky guess, it turns out I hadn’t done a trial in “hard” mode to unlock the progression.

Not only that, I accidently noticed this:

Could it be any more obvious?


Right there on my screen the entire time.

All I had to do was click on it and it shows you where to go…..

No matter how “dumbed down” FF14 makes stuff for new players, it will never be dumb enough for me.

I think this officially makes 3 MMORPGS in which I have earned the title “Idiot.”

I was going to say that in my defense, I couldn’t find anything that indicated whether or not I had completed a dungeon or trial. I had the required trial in my Duty list and no idea whether I had done it or not, so I took a shot, queued up for it and voila! The next quest showed up. These were also side quests instead of msq so that was a little confusing as well.

So…it looks like I need 3 hard mode trials, I got one done, have the 3rd one in my Duty list, and found how to open the second one so I have 2 left to run and then I can move on.

On the bright side, I got flying and I also accidently discovered that the Moonfire Faire event rewards a very cool polar bear mount so I dropped everything to get it.

Worth it!

I also picked up a few more minions – a cat and dog from a level 15 quest I had overlooked, a couple more from quests and another from a random person who was welcoming new players in a zone I was in and giving us a minion!

I can now continue on my journey, I can fly on a polar bear and I have a variety of minions – life is good in FF14!