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Running my Warlock through endless LFRs for 20 Secrets of the Empire has thrown me into groups that reach new highs, dig new lows and everything in-between.

Throughout it all, of course is the new Flavor of the Month Blame-Game pointed directly at Boosted Noobs.

We can add this to the list of Factory Installed LFR Players that always make random group content new and exciting boring and predictable.

Seriously, if you find yourself typing one of these out in Instance chat, take a break – do something creative to get those imagination juices running again.  Don’t be an LFR Clone.

So…Lei Shen fight.  We wiped once because a couple of the corners didn’t have healers during the Intermission phase.

One of our LFR Personalities typed in “fail dsp” (dps was fine.)

Another brilliant genius typed in “who bought the pre-order for the expansion” in a sadly obvious attempt to “reveal” those failing mechanics were Boosted Noobs.

I decided to take the bait because I was #3 or #4 on the Recount list so I typed in “I bought the expansion what about it?”

DPS #1:  “I bought the expansion too”

DPS #2: “Me too!”

DPS #5 “Looks like all the top deeps are boosted noobs hahaha.”

Things were pretty quiet after that…

Assigning healers to groups fixed the problem, everything went down and I got my last Secret.

Morale of the Story:  It is better to keep your mouth shut and not look like an idiot than type stuff in Instance chat and remove any doubt.

The Thunder Forge

I was a little worried about this solo scenario since my Priest needed a couple of attempts to get it, but my Warlock nailed it the first try.

Warlocks are OP

Warlocks are OP

I lucked out with the Nalak part too – another person was there for the quest so we took turns dying to Nalak and both got the quest completed.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Somewhere in there I got my Legendary Meta Gem so next up are the 12 Titan Runestones, the Celestial Blessings scenario, kill all the Celestials and then I think I’m done.

I suspect running all those LFRs has improved my Warlocking a little, so it might be time to give the Green Fire fiasco another shot since I have nothing to do until reset day to get the runestones.

Maybe I can finally get past the first Imp phase…

New Mount and Easter Pets

A couple of guildies asked me to tag along to kill some of the Warbringers and the Reins of the Slate Primordal Direhorn dropped – and I won!

Slate Primordal Direhorn

Slate Primordal Direhorn

Guess I’m going to need some exciting ground mounts for WoD so might as well start stocking up now.

I also finally got my baby Priest to level 85.  I sort of dropped the ball with healing dungeons and switched to Shadow for questing.

Yay! Another Priest!

Yay! Another Priest!

I think I’ve forgotten how to heal again so I’m a little scared to try Panda dungeons.

I wish I knew a few people at the same level to run a few with me but I might queue anyway and just see how it goes.

While I was questing in Panda Land Easter Sunday, I noticed some unusual battle pets and critters running around.

Baby Blizzard Bear Battle Pet

Baby Blizzard Bear Battle Pet

When I battled the “bear” it was the proper battle pet, but it even showed up as a bear in the Pet Journal.

Bear in Pet Journal

Bear in Pet Journal

Must have been a little Blizzard Easter Egg (hahaha!)

Very cute although I’m guessing some of us would give our entire pet inventory for anything that looked like a Baby Blizzard Bear!

April 2014

Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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