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OMG I’m such a fail.

Still stuck at the first Imp phase.

All those strats and videos?  Lies! Lies, I say!

I’ve been messing around with my UI/keybinds so much it’s a total mess.

My poor Warlock can’t do anything else because I keep changing around abilities so I can hit them faster and forget where I put anything.

I need so many macros and abilities I just don’t have enough keys I can reach.

No, I can’t reach cntrl + anything else – at least I can’t reach them accurately.

I have shift and alt on my Naga because I can hit two buttons on the mouse fairly consistently but the keyboard…yikes.

And what genius decided Shadowfury should have a stupid circle thing to put down for a stun?  Give that to the rogues.

At least I think that’s what everyone assumes you need to use when they talk about “stunning” the imps.  It can’t be the Pit Lord’s Charge because it would be off CD for Cataclysm so…

I don’t think Warlocks have any other stun.

So…while I’m trying to RoF/Shadowfury/F&B the Imps I’m dying from the debuffs because my Unbound Will/Singe Mage/Pit Lord Breathe are doing nothing.

Or I die from a Chaos Bolt because my teleport circle thing mysteriously “disappears.”  I thought I had the Chaos Bolt thing down pretty good but once in a while I’ll hit my teleport key and there is nothing there right as the fight starts with the first Chaos Bolt.

Maybe it’s tired of watching me die 2,304 times.

Yup, what I’ve learned so far is that I need to find a way to keybind all the abilities and macros for this fight and then remember where they are – muscle memory I guess.

I think I’m too fail for this…

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