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Green Fire – Itty-Bitty Progression

I decided to waste a bunch of time (and gold for repairs) with more attempts to get Green Fire because I had nothing to do until Restart Day.

I don’t bother keeping track of how many attempts I do each time (it would be way too depressing) but let’s just say “A Lot!”

I do believe I made a tiny bit of progress – at least 20%-30% of the time I could get past the first Imp phase.

One noteworthy attempt – I made it past the first Imp phase AND the Fel Hounds.  I actually had the last Fel Hound killed but before it died it ate my Pit Lord enslave, Kanrethad was casting Cataclysm and well…you can guess the rest.

But that was the farthest I ever got since I started, so that’s encouraging right?  Right??

Unfortunately after that one heroic attempt I was back to dying at the first Imp Phase.

It’s not the Imps that kill me – it’s the debuffs I can’t clear off fast enough.  If I can keep those off then I can make it past the Imps.

I’ve got Grimoire of Sacrifice for Singe Magic and a macro to cast Command Demon at me, I’ve got Unbroken Will, I’ve got the Pit Lord’s Breathe ability macroed to breathe on me, and I still die.

I also died to the Chaos Bolt a few times – once right at the first one because when I used my Transport button both my Portals and Transport mysteriously vanished.

After a few hours of more failed attempts I was starting to get tired (and a little cranky) so I decided to work on my Warlock’s transmog.

Warlock Transmog

I’m taking the non-traditional route because I really don’t like the “classic” Warlock look with the snake-in-the-face style.

I started out with the Shadow Council set but I don’t like the green on the pants and vest looks a little too “busy.”

Shadow Council Set

Shadow Council Set

I managed to snag the wonderful black “Master’s Hat” from the AH so I was happy I’m able to display helm again.

I’ve got a staff for a weapon right now, so I picked up Staff of Natural Fury.  I thought the green glow (it looks blue) from the staff would fit with the pants but I just wasn’t happy with it.

The staff I *really* want is Matsuba’s Breadmaker.  I’ll go and farm for it once in a while but so far no luck.

I’ve seen it on the AH for about 6k-7k but I don’t want to spend the gold on it right now because I need it for the Green Fire Repair Fund….

So…I was “trying on” clothes at the AH when I found a few pieces from the Master’s Set (a.k.a. Netherweave Set) and decided I liked that more than the Shadow Council Set.

Master's Set

Master’s Set

I don’t have the belt yet although I sort of like the style of this one even if it’s the wrong color.

The Master’s gloves are the same as the Silver-Thread gloves which I don’t like with this set very much, so I kept the Shadow Council gloves and bracers.

Although WoW Roleplay has this same staff suggested for this set, I’m iffy about it – I’d rather have Mastuba’s Breadmaker.  I really love the dragon-head model.

I had saved a couple of similar staves I picked up here and there so I’m using the Cloudscorcher Greatstaff for now.

Cloudscorcher Greatstaff

Cloudscorcher Greatstaff

I really need to get that Green Fire thing done so I can start spending gold on transmog stuff instead of repairs.

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