Level 45

After several attempts at trying to find Lil Timmy, I finally managed to catch him last night and bought the White Kitten for 50s.

White Kitten Carrier

White Kitten Carrier

I had read about companion pets and find them an interesting aspect of WoW.  Unlike combat pets that require a bit of maintenance and work to properly control, these little vanity pets simply follow one around and are something cute to “show off” to your fellow players.

Companion pets are found at certain vendors, drops from mobs, given as promotional items or at special events.

Most can be found at the Auction House, but depending on the rarity of the pet the prices can often be outrageous – far beyond the means of a poor Night Elf Hunter!

On my server, I’ve seen AH prices for the White Kitten range from 99g all the up to 499g.  I don’t know whether or not they actually sell at these prices, but where is the fun of just buying it from the AH?

So I did a bit of research on Lil Timmy spawn times, travel route, etc. and would look for him whenever I was in Stormwind.  I only ran into him once by accident, but someone had already purchased the White Kitten.

Last night I didn’t have any quests to do and my Warrior pal was busy fighting in a Battleground, so I decided to hang around the canals, work on my Fishing skill and see if Lil Timmy would show up.

I turned on “Humanoid Tracking” to check anything moving around the canals, and proceeded to catch a ton of Longjaw Mud Snappers (only useful for leveling up a cooking skill – other than that, even my Cat won’t eat them) and a few fish.

After about 20 minutes (I had no idea when the last spawn was so it was just a guess) I noticed a movement on the tracking, and sure enough, Lil Timmy spawns right in front of me and starts his route.

I dropped the fishing and ran after him – he moves very quickly so you have to be fast to catch him so he’ll stop – and purchased my White Kitten!

The next question was should I keep it or sell it at the AH for some gold – I decided to keep it, of course.  I already had my beautiful Ghost Saber combat pet, and a little White Kitten companion pet work very well together.

My White Cats

My White Cats

The White Kitten has very nice animations and is definitely worth the effort if you like companion pets – but I’d suggest making the effort to buy it from Lil Timmy rather than from the AH – you can save yourself a lot of gold and something else you can’t buy – a sense of in-game accomplishment.