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Okay…so I spent about 5 hours banging my head on the keyboard for the Epic Green Fire battle.

I didn’t get past the first set of Imps…

I also didn’t bother counting my attempts – I’d have to start using scientific notation.

I did learn a few things I’m happy to share:

  1. I suck at playing a Warlock
  2. I have the reaction time of a snail
  3. I don’t know how to control a pet or understand what the different abilities do like “Assist” and “Defensive.”
  4. I don’t know why my Imp “dispel” works when I’m *not* in combat but not when I’m *in* combat
  5. I suck at playing a Warlock
  6. I don’t have enough keybinds for the keys I can reach
  7. I have a lot of “technical” play issues I don’t know how to fix
  8. Watching a video of the fight 3,000 times *does not* make me a better player
  9. I suck at playing a Warlock
  10. I don’t know why my transport thing disappears about 2 seconds after I make it
  11. I don’t have enough keybinds for keys I can reach for all the macros I need.
  12. I really don’t know the basics of how to play this game
  13. I suck at playing a Warlock
  14. I’m doing it wrong – everything wrong.

I went in knowing I wouldn’t get the fight but one comment from Riz put it all in perspective:

“During your progression. . .”

Keyword is “progression.”

No way I can go in thinking I’m going to beat it.

I have to go in thinking I will try to master ONE mechanic and nothing else – “progression.”

So with that in mind…

I had trouble right at the start with enslaving the Pit Lord.  Yes, I had a macro but I wasn’t fast enough.  The Pit Lord always got in a stun or two before I got control.


I switched around some casting bars (so I could you know, actually SEE when the boss was casting something) and eventually “mastered” enslaving the Pit Lord.

I won’t bore you with the rest of it, but that’s how I’m approaching it – focusing on one thing only and just wiping for the rest.

I actually made it past the first Imp stage a couple of times but lost my Pit Lord to the Fel Hounds.

Not worried though because right now I haven’t quite mastered the Chaos Bolt before the Imps as my Teleport seems to disappear and I don’t know why.  I have a portal set up so I can get past the Chaos Bolt with that, but it isn’t “up” again for the second one.

I also have to figure out why the Dispel isn’t working when it should be up.

So…I got a couple of things to work out before I start working on the Imp mechanic.

At this “progression” rate, I probably won’t get Green Fire until the next expansion…you know, the expansion *after* WoD.

After I got tired of wiping for Green Fire, I quested a bit with my baby Disc Priest and got her to Level 80.

Ten more levels to go!

Ten more levels to go!

It’s been so long since I’ve looked at her I probably forgot everything I learned about healing…

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