Blizzard lawsuit.

Surprising? Absolutely not.

However, what is shocking and very disturbing is how long this purportedly continued without any acknowledgement, intervention or action by all levels of management to stop it.

It’s not surprising because this isn’t unique to the game industry or even the workplace – it’s everywhere.

I’m betting it’s likely happened at some level to every female on the planet. When I was young I would shrug it off because I was afraid of being tagged as a “bitch” or “can’t take a joke” or one of the many other dumb excuses to justify this behavior.

I don’t anymore because I’m tired of it. I’d much rather be “that bitch” than stay silent.

Don’t get me wrong – I can take a joke and I can give as good as I get. I understand context. I understand where lines are drawn. I understand the difference between banter with friends and uncomfortable situations with strangers, people at the workplace, online games or anywhere else.

I am extremely fortunate to be in a WoW guild with men and women from all walks of life who are just interested in playing the game and having fun. I’ve never had to hesitate going into voice chat. I used to cringe going into other voice chats for raids because it was inevitable at least one person would immediately start the usual Broadway production when a female was around.

No, it’s not “all men are pigs.” The majority I know are decent people and a few will even step up to call it out it if they see it. Some have been the best friends I’ve ever had.

To those of you who engage in this behavior well, I’m sorry guys, but we’ve heard it all. There is nothing you have ever said that we haven’t heard a thousand times before. We can even say it along with you (which I have done on more than one occasion to the entertainment and applause of onlookers.)

As for WoW, I don’t know if my quitting or not will make any difference to the situation. That has to come from Blizzard and all eyes will be watching to see how they address it. The day before the news broke I spent 171,000 gold on a 30-day game token so….

I still enjoy the game (except for the “systems”) and being with my on-line friends. I have FFXIV somewhere, and might give that another go even though I don’t have any friends in that game.

I’ll end with my favorite story as it’s representative of a small everyday example:

I had an old clunker car that needed repairs. I took it to a reputable garage recommended by a friend. The estimate they gave me was $750.00. I asked my brother if this seemed reasonable and he said no, and offered to take the car in himself. The estimate they gave him was $300.00. Apparently there was a $450.00 “Women’s Tax” on car repairs lol. It’s not the first or the last time I’ve seen this and it’s certainly not limited to car repairs, but now that I’m aware of it well…let’s just say I don’t pay “Women’s Tax” anymore.

Sometimes being “that bitch” will save you a lot of money.