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No green fire because I didn’t try last week.

I had to take a week off to burn up some holidays before the end of April or I would lose them.

So…here is my Holiday Week:

Monday – Sleep

Tuesday – Get up early, get a haircut, take a nap.  Wake up in time to run LFR and get the next mission from Wrathion.

Wednesday – Sleep

Thursday – Sleep

Friday – Get up early to get taxes done, hear on radio Government website is down for a few days because of the Heartwhatever thing.  Take a nap.  Change passwords on everything.  Get up in time for Guild Old Raid Night.

Saturday – do the housework I didn’t get done all week, fall asleep, completely miss The Warchief’s Command Board raid.

I did have a few productive moments – I solved the mystery of “Why is the Toilet Paper unrolled throughout the entire apartment”  Hint:  Toilet Paper looks remarkably like a Cat Toy.

Crime Scene Evidence

Crime Scene Evidence

I also discovered that there is Scientific Proof that a Cat will not starve to death if not fed his favorite canned food every 15 minutes – especially if he has a full bowl of dry food he can access any time he is hungry.

I did get a few things accomplished in WoW – I mostly worked on the Legendary Magic Cloak for my Warlock.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Surprisingly, the PvP Battlegrounds requirement went very well.  Only took me 2 tries to get the Kotmogu battleground.

This one is actually fun

This one is actually fun

An even bigger surprise, I got the Mine one the first time.

This one, not so fun

This one, not so fun

Now I’m in the Running LFR Til I Ragequit phase to get 20 something-or-others.

I have 6.

Maybe I’ll try Green Fire again this week, but right now…time for a nap.

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