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Yup, still stuck at the first Imp phase…

Tried for an hour or two and maybe got past it a couple of times but lost my enslave on the Pit Lord to the Fel puppies.

I also tried fearing the Pit Lord right at the start for a couple of extra seconds of dps on the boss.

That kind of worked – I had to hit Fear a couple of times before he actually got Feared – maybe I need a /tar Pit Lord /cast Fear macro for that one.

It’s not as if I won’t have the opportunity to try other techniques…

I can’t kill the Imps fast enough – sometimes almost all of them would be up when I died.

I think I have to RoF the portal as they come out, then use Fire and Brimstone but I’m not sure how to use that one.

There is also a /tar Imp macro that targets an Imp and casts the Pit Lord’s Fel Breathe on them, but my Pit Lord was always in the wrong position so….


Back to reading starts and watching videos…

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