Happy New Year!

May all your loot be Epic and may the RNG gods smile upon you!

Well, getting that Grove Warden mount (a.k.a. Moose Mount) has been bugging me for a while so I had signed up for some of the “free” runs but never got “the call.”

So…when someone was advertising a paid run on trade chat I figured what the hell and went for it.

I was a little worried about it being a scam but it turned out to be totally legit so I got the Achiev and the quest to get the Grove Warden mount.


All mine!

I also got the “King in Green” garrison monument but alas! No loot.  Boo.

It was Heroic and I was totally carried.  I’m not sure how many were in the raid – 20? 25? but what I do know for sure is that I was second last on the DPS list.


The top DPS were hitting around 150k or more and I was at a rather embarrassing 26k.

I died right before the end but at least I wasn’t the first dead so all is good.

I haven’t been doing much else in the game except boring Garrison stuff and sort of working at gearing up my brand new Pally and Death Noob #2.

I’m up to the 33 tomes part of the Legendary quest (yeah I got 9/33) for my Draenei Priest.

I already have the ring for my cute little Panda Priest and I can’t remember why I wanted another one for my Draenei Priest.

I’ve also been sort of working on a few old Legendary quests.

My Rogue is up to the first round of gems for Fangs of the Father.  This might take a while because my Rogue can only kill the first 4 bosses so…

My Warlock is stuck at the “Delegation” quest for Dragonwrath (I have absolutely no clue what to do and the guides don’t help much,) and my Death Noob #1 hit the wall at “Blood Infusion” for Shadowmourne.

I started my new Pally on the Argent Tournament grind because there is a Paladin-only mount she can get with seals.

In between all of this I’ve been doing some Garrison fishing for Lunar Carp that summons the Lunarfall Cavedweller.

I fished up 3 Lunar Carp tonight and hit the jackpot – first Lunarfall Cavedweller I got dropped the Riding Turtle.

Riding Turtle!

Riding Turtle!

Now don’t get me wrong – this isn’t the first Lunar Carp I ever got.  I haven’t kept count since I only fish when I’m so bored with Garrison stuff I could scream.

I’m guessing I’ve fished up around 30-40 carp so I’d do the math on that but my head would explode.

There is also a chance for the Sea Turtle to drop.  I already had a Sea Turtle so I think if you have the mount(s) it won’t drop.

Since I’ve fished up enough fish to keep all my toons well fed until Legion, I can hang up my fishing hat (and poles!)