If you love pets, you gotta get this one!

Baa'l - Cutest Pet in BFA!

Baa’l – Cutest Pet in BFA!

Yes, it’s a pain to get, but the cute animations are worth the trouble (and the gold lol.)

There are a lot of sources/videos that give detailed locations and instructions on how to get this pet so I won’t repeat all of that here.  I’ll put links to what I found useful at the bottom.

I will tell you about the “mistakes” I made that cost me more gold than they should so hopefully I’ll save someone a bit of time and gear repairs.

Briefly, you pick up a note to start the “adventure” and from that point you run all over BfA locations to pick up “pebbles.”  There are 13 pebbles to find and although most are relatively easy, some are very difficult to get to so you can click on them to pick them up.

The location that stopped me in my tracks was pebble #7 – the infamous sunken ship in a fatigue zone.

The pebble you need is located at the back of a sunken ship and to get there you need to ride or swim out to the middle of nowhere and hope you can click the pebble before fatigue kills you.

And it will kill you – really fast.

So…I tried every strategy I could find.

Now, a smart person would say “Hey, why didn’t you just use a Druid character?”

Well, I don’t have a Druid at level 120 and from the sounds of the strategies you would still need a few items to survive the fatigue anyway.  The swim speed/underwater breathing would be a huge advantage but potions/mounts etc. are available that would help any class that doesn’t have water walking/underwater breathing abilities.

The Legion fishing pole is also helpful – if you have maxed it out but of course, I didn’t so…and I should note this is the one character I have that doesn’t even own the Kalu’ak fishing pole or the Hydrocane…..duh….

I only have my Demon Hunter (Vengeance spec) at 120 and I actually found the double-jump/glide a huge advantage in getting to a lot of locations for the pebbles.

Of course you if you’re not using a DH then the Goblin Gliders will work just fine!

Back to the boat…

With no Legion fishing pole and not one water walking/underwater breathing ability, I bought some swim speed potions and died several times before I even found the boat.

Another strategy suggested one of the fast-swimming mounts so I went and purchased the Poseidus mount (yes, yes I did – fortunately they were relatively cheap on the AH this week.)

I purchased a few “Feast of the Fishes” I couldn’t make myself because of course, I hadn’t bothered to do the Fishing Friends in Legion so those cost a couple hundred gold for one feast when I could find them.

Still no luck.  I could find the boat but fatigue would get me every time.  At just under 300 gold per repair it was starting to add up pretty quick lol.

I know what you’re saying – “Hey, why didn’t you just remove all your gear and leave it in the bank?”

Because if you remember from other posts, I’m still an idiot.

After about 5 or 6 attempts trying different combination of mounts, feasts and potions I gave up for the day.  I didn’t even bother trying to rez (fatigue will kill you if you’re a ghost anyway) so I would take the rez hit.

I was ready to drop the whole thing and forget about it, but it was nagging me that I was about halfway there and the remaining pebbles were relatively easier than this one.

So the next day I searched around, read more strategies, watched more videos and found one reference to the Leatherworking Diving Suit.

A Diving Suit and Diving Helm are made by Leatherworkers and the suit will increase swim speed and helm will give you underwater breathing for 15 minutes.

I checked the AH and there they were!  Leatherworkers must use them for leveling the profession as a stack of Suits and Helms were going for about 2 gold.

I bought a stack of 10 each (I assumed I’d be doing this a few time lol) and lo and behold – I was able to put on the suit, make it to the ship and grab that stupid pebble a mere instant before fatigue killed me.  The very first try.

The suit and helm will get you there (or any other strategy you try) but the odds are good you are not going to make it back.  Be prepared to die but that doesn’t matter if you got that stupid pebble.

There is one other pebble in an underwater cave also in a fatigue zone but there is a “sweet spot” where fatigue is dropped and if you make it to the cave you can take a “breather” (literally) and grab the pebble without dying.

There are one or two other potentially “fatal” pebbles.  One is a land cave that has invisible mobs that will one-shot you if you aggro them.  The strategy involves sneaking in if your character has stealth or using the Skaggldrynk.  If you find the “spot” that won’t aggro the mobs you can grab the pebble and hearth out.

I opted for the “grab pebble and die” strategy as I just wanted to get it over with lol.

The other cave with a one-shot mob can be avoided if you’re careful to get close enough to grab the pebble without aggroing the mob.

I’d strongly recommend using the quest completion macro (bottom of post) so you know if you actually got the pebble or not.

Once you grab the last pebble, it will have a “note” sending you to the volcano in Frostfire Ridge.

There you will have to battle Baa’l and kill him to get the pet.  He initially has over 3K or so health and will one-shot any pet you have, so to get his health down you will need another pet out first – Uuna.

You will need Uuna (or know someone who has her) with her completed quest chain to get her “upgrades.”  It is Uuna’s magic wand that will bring Baa’l’s health down so you can kill him with any 25-level pet combo.

Since you don’t need Uuna in the actual battle, anyone who has the upgraded Uuna just needs to bring her out and she will say a few words and zap Baa’l.

Uuna’s magic wand debuff on Baa’l will last about 15 minutes, so depending on how busy it is, you might find Baa’l already has the debuff.

I had an upgraded Uuna so I was all set but when I arrived there were several people there with Uunas out so I was able to just kill Baa’l with 2 Elemental pets.

When Baa’l dies, you get an announcement that the pet is in your bags.  It doesn’t automatically add it to your pet journal.

Bottom line:  all you need are a couple of Diving Suits and Diving Helms.  You don’t need expensive mounts, feasts or potions but you will need gold to cover repairs if you think you’ll need to fight mobs along the way and don’t want to leave your gear in the bank.

Here’s what I found helpful getting my Baa’l:

Macro to check progress (from wowhead)

/run local N,t,r={"SCROLL",1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13},{52819,52809,52810,52818,52817,52816,52815,52814,52813,52812,53632,53633,53634,52827},"";for s,k in pairs(N)do d=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t);r=r..k..":"..(d and "Y" or "N")..", ";end;print(r)

TomTom coordinates to find the underwater cave and the fatigue-free area (and other locations) from Warcraft-Secrets.

Baa’l Guide from Gamesradar.

Video guide from Lord of the Warcraft.

I’d love to hear if you got this pet – especially if you got it on a Druid!

You’ll know it’s worth it when you see your little Baa’l’s animations!