Okay, so I got my Blizzcon Virtual Ticket – maybe a Murloc “Illidan” pet this year? Hell YES!

Now I find out that the Virtual Ticket holders can also purchase the “Goodie Bag” that contains a Blizzcon bag and some other fun stuff, so yeah, you guessed it – I had to get that too!


That’s a lot of $$$ to spend so how I can “justify” the expense?

Fortunately, my birthday was a week ago and all I did for it was mow the lawn, take out the garbage and clean litter boxes so…

Happy Blizzcon to Me!

I already booked off November 6 from my new job (yeah, I got a new job I don’t like but it pays the bills) so I’m going to geek out because I deserve a little fun once in a while.

Of course I’ll be crying when the CC statement shows up but for now…

Rock On!