Besides using your auto-quest complete thing?

PvP World Quests IF there are no other players around.

Players of the opposite faction, that is…

I’ve been sort-of-kind-of working on the PvP thing just to get to Prestige 1 for the pet.

I’ve found that since 7.3, the PvP WQ areas are pretty much dead (lol pun) so I can get PvP Honor without you know, actually doing PvP.

The tower ones go really fast (and fast in and out is important if you don’t want to PvP) but the one where the murlocs are goes really slow and usually has a few players of both factions hanging around.

I did run into a couple of Horde while working on that WQ – we pretty much kept to our own areas so I assumed they didn’t really want to PvP either, but then one of them attacked me, I fought back, the other one ran over to attack and I stomped them both into the ground – a Druid and Priest.

Vengeance Demon Hunter OP lol.

After that we stayed on our own “sides” and I got that one completed.

Today I managed to pick up all the tower quests and used my rift thing for the 500 Honor WQ which popped me into Prestige 1 and the pet.

Alliance Enthusiast

Alliance Enthusiast

I was looking up what emotes it does (some are really cute) when I came across a comment that said as of 7.3 you can purchase a pet for the opposite faction without having to get Prestige 1 all over again.

I hopped over to my Horde Priest and sure enough!  I could purchase the Horde version for 400 gold.

Horde Fanatic

Horde Fanatic

I don’t play my Horde Priest very much any more, but I was in a guild for a long time.

When I logged in to buy the pet, I noticed I wasn’t in the guild anymore – not surprising I suppose since when I did log on I never saw anyone else on in the guild but geez – I wasn’t robbing the bank or anything.

So…Horde Priest needs a new home.

But until I find another guild, I can fly around Dalaran on my shiny new Orgrimmar Interceptor with my Horde Fanatic who sometimes “writes my name in a little heart.”

Orgrimmar Interceptor

Orgrimmar Interceptor

Now that I’ve got this Honor thing figured out, I might keep going for the second “Duitful Squire/Gruntling” pet and maybe even a mount or two.

As long as I don’t have to…you know, actually PvP…