Now that Patch 8 is out, all the talents reset, our Artifact weapons reduced to doorstops, there is only one question left:

Which class should I play?

I have one of each – some at 110 with reasonable (haha) gear and ready for BfA, some at 110 with questionable gear, and some still stuck in Draenor.

After trying a couple of my “favorite” classes in beta I’m still not sure.

Note that I’m limiting myself to classes I can actually (sort of) play.  Not the “best” classes (whatever they may be.)

So far my choices are Monk (I had fun with it in Legion and I have a pretty Void Elf Monk with the heritage gear), Demon Hunter (because I can’t die in Vengeance spec but I will die in Havoc) or my Warlock.

I’ve been hearing rumors Warlock are doing pretty good.  I’ve only played Destro so hopefully “pretty good” includes it.

My beta warlock wasn’t too bad although I did die a few times – what a shocker lol.

Rogue is still in the running because I’m addicted to Pick Pocketing and a new expansion is too good to pass up.

I dragged my Priest through quite a few expansions and rolled with the nerf punches, but Shadow just isn’t as fun as it used to be.  I hear some abilities are coming back but this void thing is just too clunky for me.

Anyway, I want my Ravens back!  Remember when Shadow had a glyph so those spheres would turn into ravens?  That’s what I’m waiting for before I try Shadow again!

I’m probably going to cave and take my Demon Hunter through BfA first unless they nerf double-jump and soaring.  Then I’ll try Monk and Warlock.  Maybe Warlock first.

I just don’t know who will be the winner.

For the record, I never did get the Spellwing mount.

Boo 😦