Why I play so much WoW.

Drive to Work

Drive to Work

It’s not as if I can go outside and play anytime soon.

WTB Job Somewhere Warm.

So…it looks like I’ll have some free time tonight to play WoW.

I did find some good videos showing how to tank MoP LFR from Salt’s Game Guide Tanking for Dummies. Decent quality videos with useful commentary (instead of the usual horrible music) covering boss mechanics, main tank and off-tank PoV.

Note to YouTube Video Heroes:  Free Fraps + Crappy Copyrighted Music you ripped off does not make a “how to” guide.  And No, I don’t “Like” your stuff so quit begging for it.

I watched most of the videos and have a pretty good idea of what to expect tanking the first round of LFR.  I’m guessing I’d be okay as off-tank.

There is just no where to “practice” any of this except jumping straight into LFR.

I won’t know until I try.

The worst that could happen is getting kicked and well…you have to start somewhere!