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Yeah, forgot my screen shots so I’ll add something later.

I have only one thing to say…

Townlong Steppes can DIAF!

Leveling a clothie through there is the most long and painful nightmare I’ve ever experienced with the new content.

Yes, I’m not playing a Mage at the highest level of efficiency and no, I’m not wearing anything higher than quest gear.

I shouldn’t need raid level gear just to get through this zone.

Now, I understand that the mobs here might be tuned a little higher because there are some daily quest hubs for level 90s but there is no excuse for Fire Camp Osul.  The first time I went through here with my Priest I had to skip this area entirely.

But I was just a few bars away from level 90 so I thought I’d ding before I got too far into the quest line.

I was wrong.

Continual knock backs and then when they stop and I can finally get a spell off, they deflect.


I was getting so annoyed and frustrated dying every few minutes I actually went and did Archaeology for a while to see if that would get me faster to level 90.

It didn’t, so back to Townlong Steppes for questing.

My Death Noob hit 90 before getting into Dread Wastes.  She cut through Fire Camp Osul like butter.

108 Deaths on my Mage, 51 on my Death Noob.

My Mage was well into the Klaxxi quest line when she hit 90.  Dread Wastes is a joke compared with Townlong Steppes.

But I made it, and now I have one more level 90 I don’t play very well.  Didn’t even get an Achievement for 4 classes to level 90.  Bah.

I’m going to have my Tailor make her the gown and gloves but sheesh – I don’t think I want to start dailies with her.

On the other hand, I took my Death Noob through some dailies – including the Isle of Thunder solo scenarios/quests – and had a great time.

It was actually fun, so I think my Death Noob will be my Daily Diva.

Clothies…not so much.

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