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Well, actually just one Heroic…

My CRZ buddy was back and had a level 90 Alliance DK character geared about the same level as my DK (crappy) so he suggested I try tanking a  level 90 dungeon with him going along to talk me through it.

Unfortunately I was geared enough to only have the random Heroics option so yeah.  Why not?

I sacrificed a couple gnomes to ensure we got Jade Temple (sorry gnomes!) and it must have worked so off we went!

We were on Vent so he could quickly give me some pointers, advice and he was ready to take over if I messed up and everything went south so I was ready.

Yes, I got lost once after the library and he had to come back to get me, but other than that no one died so I consider that a win!

I lost aggro a couple of times when the nasties went after the mage (nerf mages!) but I remembered my Dark Command and used it liberally if things started running out of control.

I’m still not too sure what to do when there are nasty things on the ground.  My first instinct (as a priest) is to run like hell, but you can’t do that as a tank.

It finally occurred to me (yes, I’m slow) that I should be moving the boss with me when I move out of the bad stuff.

Melee is hard.

This time I had the Instance chat window up and although I messed up a couple a times (yeah, I cannot for the life of me jump around that stupid water thing at the first boss) chat wasn’t filled with raging “Kick the Tank!” complaints.

The last boss was fun – Sha of Doubt.

I made sure everyone was at the doorway before I pulled.  The first time I ever did Jade Temple I got locked out so I was ready.

I pulled the boss who immediately ran right past me to the mage and healer.  I don’t know – maybe the boss didn’t like my transmog?

Heroic Tanking Job

Heroic Tanking Job

I got some nice tanking boots upgrade out of it. I had picked up the quests but completely forgot about them, so I’ll have to go back and do it all over again.

I had a bunch of Valor and had maxed out my Golden Lotus rep so I bought myself some shiny new epic shoulders and chest.  I also had the Klaxxi ring from getting exalted with them.

After I upgraded my gear and made myself some snappy gems and enchants, I see I can now queue for LFR.

Yup, technically I’m geared enough to tank LFR.

Be afraid, be very afraid…

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