I had picked up another Primal Egg from a treasure chest I found while doing the Isle of Thunder dailies, and it hatched into a Green Primal Raptor mount – finally one I didn’t have already!

Green Primal Raptor

Green Primal Raptor

Even better, a Living Sandling dropped in the raid last night and it was given to me – squeee! Thanks guys!

Living Sandling

Living Sandling

I also got a very nice trinket upgrade but ya just know I’m more excited about the pet!

I had a little extra time so I thought I’d run my Death Noob through the first two parts in LFR.

I kicked around the idea of queuing as Tank but in the end I chickened out and switched to Frost.

My plan was to watch the tanks “in action” to see if I could apply my new found LFR tanking knowledge to the real thing.

Yeah, that didn’t go too well.

The LFR group was pretty good – too good actually – so I really didn’t have the opportunity to see what the tanks were doing as everything was dying so fast.

My dps was all over the place.  Sometimes I’d hit an impressive 42k and sometimes I’d be lucky if I did more dps than the healers.

I got three – yes three! gear upgrades in LFR – a necklace, boots and PANTS!!

Vault of Mysteries

Vault of Mysteries

Yes, they are dps upgrades so I’ll have to wait until the 5.3 patch that lets you choose a spec for gear drops.

I’ve been hearing rumors that some DK tanks actually wear dps gear for the mastery doing dailies, dungeons and LFR (not normal raids) so I’ll have to check that out and see what stats are reforged.

I didn’t have any bonus rolls at all because I don’t have any Elder charms, just the new Mogu ones that apparently are no use in the LFR parts I was in so…yeah.

I guess I can keep running LFR even if I don’t get any more gear just to get a better handle on tanking.

You just know I’m never going to make it off the Elegon platform in time or get through those flipping tornadoes…