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Grats to SR for defeating one of the most miserable annoying bosses of all – Horridon!

SR stomps Horridon's Butt

SR stomps Horridon’s Butt

You can read all the details at The Crimson Hammer and see the something special about Council trash at Reputation Grind.

This fight is special to me because it’s one of the very few fights where I am alive for the kill!

I know, it’s hard to believe but I’ve got witnesses this time!  No floor report!

And I learned a couple of important facts – swirly sand is bad, glowy spheres are very bad and green puddles are not Warlock residue – they are bad too!

I’m pretty sure I woke up the neighbors because at the very end I was yelling “Die you stupid dinosaur die!”

Just one thing though…Please no more flipping trolls (not our Horde troll friends, of course)!  We’ve been killing these “bad” trolls since well, forever and for crying out loud – don’t they get the hint?

Profession Horrors

I sent my Rogue to Outland to mine Adamantite Ore so my Death Noob could keep leveling her JC.

I was finding a few nodes in Terokkar Forest so I decided to stay in the zone instead of flying all over everywhere for an extra ore or two.

The few ore I found still wasn’t even close to what I needed, but luckily a guildie had a bunch of ore and mats I needed cluttering up her banks so I traded her a couple of raid pets she needed for the mats and got over TBC JC gate.

I had a bunch of Wrath mats I’ve been saving since forever so I was happily leveling up JC until I hit the wall again at about level 405.


I need Titanium and gems, but hey!  My DK is an Alchemist so I can transmute stuff!

So…off my Rogue goes to mine up some Saronite.

And…we hit the wall again because I’ll need enough Saronite to build my own planet.

Alchemy wasn’t nearly this painful to level up…

Solo Horrors

Since I’ve been having a fun time stomping the crap out of Skadi every day, I decided to add another old raid into my routine for mount drops – 10-man Onyxia’s Lair.

Last time I tried this with my better-geared Priest, she died because of all the adds that keep coming forever, ran OOM and party over.

My Death Noob had a much easier time and never got close to dying once but OMG are there enough adds in this place?

I was starting to wonder if I had missed something or was doing something wrong because the adds take flipping *forever* to kill and they just keep coming!

About halfway through I finally realized that even though I couldn’t hit Onyxia at range I could still apply diseases when she got close enough.

Eventually I finally got to stomp her into the ground and no mount but I did get a 22-slot bag so that wasn’t a total loss.

Onyxia - what a long, boring fight!

Onyxia – what a long, boring fight!

Still looking for a tanking job…

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