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I’ve spent way too much time camping rare hunter pets instead of leveling and doing “chores” on my other toons.

Camping and it’s evil twin “flying around spawn points” is as boring and mind-numbing as watching ice cubes melt.

So I’ve found a fun form of entertainment that amuses me for hours while waiting for some rare spawn to pop.

Camping Chromehound

Camping Chromehound

Camping Loque'nahak

Camping Loque’nahak

I love my Unborn Val’kyr.

I decided it was more efficient to just get attuned to BWL and get Chromaggus rather than camp Chromehound for hours so I got the quest, got attuned then wiped on Razorgore several times before giving up.

Apparently it can be soloed but I might have to get a volunteer to help me with that one.

On the bright side, I did manage to get Terrorpene and Ban’thalos.  I tried the “tree method” with Ban’thalos and died, tried the “disengage into water” and died a few times.

I could tag Ban’thalos and live through the fall but I would lose aggro (he’d be out of range for tame or shots) and he’d fly back up again.  Eventually I hit (literally) a good spot with just enough health left to get the tame.



I really have to forget the rare pets for a while and get to level 90.



But now I have pretty cats, turtle, owl and a baby Unborn Val’kyr that can rez dead critters.
What could be more fun?

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Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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