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Grats to SR for getting down Council (I was even alive at the end!) and some “special” drops!

Shadow Rising

Shadow Rising

Thanks for taking me along – you guys rock!

My CRZ buddy has been out with the flu lately so I haven’t run any dungeons as tank on my level 60 DK (no way I’m going without some moral support.)

So I’ve been kicking around with my level 90 DK.  Going after some rares, doing fishing dailies (no flipping hat yet *rage*) and doing my JC/Alchemy thing to start saving up mats for one of the JC panther mounts.

Didn’t realize I could buy the patterns from the Cloud Serpent faction when I reached Exalted, so I have all the patterns now and think I would like to make me the Sapphire version.

Don’t know where I’m going to get gold for the Orb of Mystery but I’ll worry about that later – no rush!

I’ve been going after a few rares that drop specific items I’d like and I finally got the Aqua Strider from Nalash Verdantis.

Aqua Strider

Aqua Strider

I’ve tried Major Nanners a few times with zero success – he always kills me. He must be very “popular” because I don’t see him a lot and when I do it’s a race to see who get the tag first.

Of course dying and running back usually means I lost the tag so…I stayed around and watched someone else kill him and how they did it (keeping him in the water) so if I ever get another shot at him I’ll give that a try.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget my DK isn’t God Mode.

I thought I’d do some of the faction dailies starting with Golden Lotus and got stomped into the ground twice by packs of those flipping spirits.

I even have to be careful with the sprites on the beer barrel quest because they run out of melee range and throw rocks at me.  Get a pack of them and you guessed it – graveyard run.

So…on to the Isle of Thunder dailies.

Got greeted with a solo scenario to start and that was okay.  Picked up the PvE quests and it didn’t take me long to remember why I don’t like these dailies.

It isn’t that they are difficult as much as just completely annoying.  Packs of mobs everywhere and you can’t take two steps without fighting something.  It just goes on and on without a break and gets really boring.

Fight your way in to get a quest objective then fight your out again because the respawns are so fast.  Since I don’t know my way around there yet I get to fight extra mobs along the way just to figure out where I’m supposed to go.

I wasted a couple of hours on these quests and finally threw in the towel at the mine quest.  Got all the quest objectives except the “boss” – guess I went out the wrong way or something because I was looking at fighting my way through the mine again to find the boss that wanders around the outside of the mine.

Yeah…Abandon Quest.

I don’t think I’ve ever completed all the dailies there yet because I just get tired of fighting every two seconds going from Point A to Point B.

Maybe I’d do them once a week but daily?  I don’t think so.

I’d rather try my luck tanking.

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