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Yay!  Now I have one more class at level 90 that I don’t play very well!

Level 90 Death Noob

Level 90 Death Noob

Yes, I died a few times along the way, but not nearly as much as some other classes I’ve played (I’m looking at YOU Priests and Rogue…)

I have 42 total deaths on my Death Noob compared with my Mage’s total deaths of 96 since I’ve been leveling them about the same time.  Mage is still stuck at level 88 chilling out at an inn somewhere in Kun-Lai Summit.

Just for fun, I have 349 total deaths on my Rogue and a very impressive 3,333 deaths on my Priest.  Of course my Rogue and Priest have been out in the world a little more, but you get the idea.

I also got the Terrific Trio achievement for leveling 3 classes to 90.  Is there some sort of mega achievement for getting all classes to level 90?

My “disappearing paid mounts” issue was resolved.  A GM sent the mounts in the mail to my Priest, so I was able to learn them again and they are safely in my Mounts journal.

After I learned the mounts I noticed I was just a couple of mounts away from the 150 achievement and the kite reward, so I purchased a couple of the Golden Lotus Cranes to finish that up.

Terrific Trio and Mount Achievement

Terrific Trio and Mount Achievement

Not sure what to do with my Death Noob now – really don’t want to get into dailies rut except the Tillers to open up the farm plots.

Actually, since my Death Noob is pretty “tough” she might be a good choice for the Dying for Dailies routine.

Next up – I’m going to try to finish leveling my Mage to 90.  She’s very squishy so the last road to 90 is going to be long and painful.

I’m betting she’s going to hit over 150 total deaths before it’s over.

If it starts getting too frustrating, I might even drag out that poor Hunter!

March 2013

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