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Lady Sylvanas Windrunner might be Queen of the Forsaken, but I have crowned myself Queen of the Death Noobs.

Is it because I successfully tanked an heroic raid?  A normal raid?  LFR?  A normal dungeon?  Did I even tank a group quest?

Of course not!

But what I did do was something so amazing that yes, my Death Noob is now worthy of the title Queen.

I killed a Pandarian Rare – all by myself.

Not one of those wimpy rares in the Jade Forest – I got Sahn Tidehunter.

Sahn Tidehunter

Sahn Tidehunter

Yes, I died about 4 times before I got the mechanics down (much to the amusement of my fellow guildies) but when I did it was Epic.

Befitting my new status of Queen of the Death Noobs, Sahn Tidehunter dropped a lovely Intellect Cloak.


But he also dropped the Aqua Jewel too, so that made me very happy as it’s something I can definitely use for fishing adventures – if you call fishing for hours to get those flipping Tiny Carp pets an “adventure.”

Speaking of fishing, I got exalted with the Anglers and I’m working on my Nat Pagle rep so I can get the new Queen of the Death Noobs a fishing hat.

The Anglers

The Anglers

I’ve been doing all the city fishing dailies in SW, Shatt and Dalaran every flipping day for weeks and haven’t got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat yet so I might as well work on the Nat Pagle rep so I’ll get a fishing hat one way or the other.

I’m also doing the Cloud Serpent dailies so the Queen can ride a Cloud Serpent.  I was so pumped from the killing that rare solo that when I got the quest to kill 8 Slitherscales I pulled half the darn camp – and survived.

I don’t know why I avoided playing my Death Noob for so long because it makes things a lot more fun when you can actually kill stuff and not die every 2 minutes.

Yeah, stuff dies slow in Blood spec (unless I’m doing it wrong – I admit I haven’t quite got the rune recharging thing figured out yet) but I just can’t die unless I make a big mistake or stand too long in stupid.

I even might start doing those Isle of Thunder dailies again.

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