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I dusted off my level 20 baby Warlock, bought her some shiny new heirloom pants and promptly got distracted by the Noblegarden event.

I picked up the quests (hey! it’s experience!) and found a good egg camping spot in Elwynn Forest.

I got the mount last year – thank goodness – because with CRZ finding eggs is almost impossible.  But I had to buy her the Black and Pink bunny ears so I needed about 100 chocolates.

I Found One

I Found One

Eggs were always camped the first few days before CRZ, but now it’s accompanied by nasty whispers telling me to get out of their “camping spot” in more colorful terms.

Even worse was all the ERP going on that would make anyone from Moonguard blush.

So thanks to CRZ we have no place to hide anymore – great job Blizzard.

Got my chocolates, bought my bunny ears and couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

I had left my baby Warlock in Demonology spec so I thought I’d carry on with it and see how it goes.  Went to Duskwood to do some leveling and figure out my spells with the idea that once I had a handle on that I’d queue for some dungeons.

Well, I got to level 25 and I’m still not sure what to do with my 3 or 4 spells.

I’ve got Corruption, Shadow Bolt, Hand of Gul’dan, Soul Fire and a bunch of other spells including one that turns me into a giant purple demon.

I get Corruption – that’s a DoT, and Shadow Bolt is a “filler” spell with a looong cast time but not nearly as long as Soul Fire (Molten Core makes this faster but where the heck is Molten Core?)  I can run to the store for ice cream and get back before Soul Fire finishes casting.

So after playing around with different combinations, I found my most “efficient” spells were just tossing out a Corruption and then spamming Hand of Gul’dan because roasting mobs in purple meteors makes me giggle.

Sometimes I’d use Demonic Leap just for fun.  I could use Metamorphosis but stuff is usually dead after a couple of purple meteors so I’ll save that for dungeons.

I lost my demon a couple of times because I didn’t notice Health Funnel – once I got that, I could kill stuff just by applying Corruption, healing my demon and then use Drain Life to heal me – that also made me giggle.

Bottom line:  I’m randomly mashing buttons because at this level nothing even lights up yet, but stuff is dying and eventually I’ll figure it out.  Warlock abilities make me giggle.

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