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It all started with a guild Friday Fun Night where we hit up some past content for achieves.

I was very happy to learn that I can still be the first one dead on the Dragon Soul raid.

I was a little slow on the draw getting to safety on Spine during a barrel roll and went flying off into the wild blue yonder.

I died, but I think I got stuck on Deathwing’s butt because I had a very nice view of the fight.

View from Deathwing's Butt

View from Deathwing’s Butt

I must have been on a nostalgia kick this weekend because after cycling through a bunch of charcters’ cds and farms, I took my Death Noob to Northrend for the fishing/Kal’uak dailies (no flipping fishing hat yet!) and pretty much stayed there for a while.

I have to admit that despite all the “problems” with Wrath, it really had some great stories – something that seems to be lacking a bit in MoP.

Death Knights actually have a story and since I like my Death Noob well, it’s my first character that doesn’t seem like a cardboard cutout.

I had skipped just about everything in Wrath to get to Pandaria so I backtracked and did all the Ebon Blade quests.

After all, shouldn’t I be exalted with the Ebon Blade?

I even slogged my way through my most hated zone – Zul’Drak – then did most of the quests in Icecrown.

I remember back in the Good Old Days dragging my noobie Hunter through the Ebon Blade dailies to get that enchant I didn’t need because I didn’t raid or do many dungeons.

Doing all the quests got me about a third of the way into Revered for the Ebon Blade and since I have a few more days of dailies for the Kal’uak, I might hit exalted with both of them at the same time.

I even went to the Argent Tournament and started the quests just for something to do.

Argent Tournament

Argent Tournament

Yes, I know I should be doing the Isle of Thunder dailies and finishing up the Domination stuff and blah blah blah but I don’t know…the new dailies just aren’t any fun.

MoP dailies are just a frustrating PITA that take *forever* to get done with little reward at the end of it until you out-gear them and it goes a little faster.

I’ll get back to it so I don’t get too far behind – not that it matters – but it was nice to take a little break with a trip down memory lane.

I finished up the Cloud Serpent rep – yay Commendations! – and got the Jade Cloud Serpent.  I think I have all of them now and didn’t have to spend any gold to get them!

Jade Cloud Serpent

Jade Cloud Serpent

I took on a few more Pandaria rares – a couple I got – a few ate me for lunch but it’s a good practice.

Omnis Grinklok

Omnis Grinklok

I didn’t get any interesting drops (more Intellect cloaks) except the Golden Fleece.  Now, if only I would remember to equip it when killing stuff…

Anyway, I got get busy and learn tanking – there are PuGs to wipe!

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