Yes, I got a second Great Brewfest Kodo.  Unfortunately, it can’t be traded or even vendored – just deleted.

Great Brewfest Kodo

Great Brewfest Kodo

My Warrior friend received two remotes but no mounts.  Too bad we can’t trade (that’s trade, not sell) or even send them to an alt if they were Bind on Account.

I haven’t deleted the second Kodo mount yet because well, it just seems so wrong!

With just a couple of Brewfest days left it’s not likely I’ll see the Ram or remote but one thing is for certain – I’m going to miss those extra Emblems of Frost!

I guess my luck with the RNG has run out – I fished for the Giant Sewer Rat for a few hours but nothing, and it goes without saying that I have yet to see the Green Proto-Drake for my Priest or the White Polar Bear for any of my toons.

Oh well.

Random Number Generator is random!

On a positive note – I’ve been only picking up the Crocolisks in the City quest from Outland just to get the last bucket pet.  The few times this fishing daily turned up I didn’t get a pet because…well it turns out that I had all four pets.  I remember getting “Toothy” but thought it was my third bucket pet instead of the fourth one I needed.

Morale of the story: it doesn’t hurt to count your pets once in while!

Finishing up Achievements

Apparently there are a few Achievements that are going away in Cataclysm (or changed to Feats of Strength.)  I’m not exactly sure which ones as I have yet to find a definitive list, but if I have any of those partially completed I might try to finish them up before the release date.

I don’t think I’m too much of an “Achievement Hound” – unless there is a pet or mount reward attached to an Achievement chain.  Titles and tabards are nice achievement rewards but I’m a lot more motivated if there is a pet or mount!

Ten Tabards Achievement

I’ve been stuck at 9/10 tabards for the “Ten Tabards” Achievement for a while even though I’ve purchased all the reputation tabards available to me (including the guild tabard).

I also finished the Explore Northrend Achievement to get the Explorer Tabard, so the only ones left for me to purchase right now are either the Silver Covenent Tabard or one of the City Tabards.

Explore Northrend Achievement

Explore Northrend Achievement

That would give me 10/10 tabards, but it’s a fairly hefty “cost” of 50 Champion’s Seals per tabard, and I’d rather save up my seals to purchase the Quel’dorei Steed (to match my Squire’s pony, of course!)

Tabard of the Explorer

Tabard of the Explorer

With so many pets and mounts to purchase at the Argent Tournament it’s too bad accumulating Champion Seals is so agonizingly slow!

Exploration Achievements

After finishing the Explore Northrend Achievement for the tabard, I decided to start working on the rest of the Exploration Achievements for the “Explorer” title.

Outland was easy – just fly around until the Achievement popped up.

Explore Outland Achievement

Explore Outland Achievement

Explore Kalimdor and Explore Eastern Kingdoms….riding around instead of flying is going to take some time!

I’m not looking forward to “discovering” the Horde cities – especially the “suicide” run into Orgrimmar!  Maybe if I ride my Kodo in no one will notice….