Yes, it was Patch Day yesterday – apparently I was one of the “lucky ones” that didn’t have any issues downloading and installing it – and it only took about  20 minutes.

New Disc/Shadow Specs

The biggest shock, of course was the changes to the talent trees and glyphs.  I decided to fix up my Priest first and easily found a few suggested builds for Shadow from the Priest forums, but nothing from the theorycrafters yet for Disc.

The main issue (well, one issue anyway) for a Disc priest talent build is “to Smite or not to Smite.”

I still have a lot of reading up to do on the new talents and spells, but mixing up DPS with healing might or might not be a good thing depending on one’s play style.

So….until the theorycrafters come up with the usual stats and recommendations I decided to try a “Smite” spec and see how it goes….when I actually have enough nerve to queue for a random as the “word” is Disc has taken a severe nerf in the heals department!

Glyphs were a little tougher to find and not all the recommended ones were available at the Auction House yet (I might have to pay a Scribe to make a few.)  It was interesting to watch the prices skyrocket on my server – first few were running about 20 gold and a couple of minutes later the same glyphs were priced at around 300 gold.

I was lucky to get most of the ones I needed before the prices went out of control.  After all, I have to start saving up for the Master flying now!

I don’t like running around “unglyphed” but I might have to for a few days, and I haven’t found any solid recommendations for Disc yet.

Since there was a lot more information available for Shadow, I just spent my time doing the usual dailies (I always do them as Shadow since I can kill stuff faster) and it was quite fun – especially when I got the “Shadow Orbs.”

I have a lot of reading up to do on all the new toys especially the spells, glyphs, reforging, etc., but at least for now I know I can go about my daily business as Shadow and get the job done.

I hope Disc starts getting more attention because I prefer healing to DPS.  There is a lot of decent information out about the Holy spec, so I might even give that a try as the new Holy appears quite strong and could be a lot of fun.

Better to try healing as Holy than not heal at all!

The New Shadow Spec and Stratholme

I had been spending the past few days running Stratholme for Argent Dawn reputation and to try and get the Baron’s Mount (how perfect would that be for a Shadow Priest?) and the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire (with no luck.)

The instance is a little bit of a challenge for a solo Priest because some of the mobs cast silence if you’re not paying attention and burn them down fast enough.

I thought a quick run would be a nice test of the new Shadow spec, so instead of sneaking past most of the mob groups (easy at level 80) I tried out my new Shadow “rotation” and it seemed as if I was killing stuff a lot faster than before – very nice!

I don’t have “proper” gear for Shadow but it was so much fun I believe I’ll make the effort to get a gear set just for Shadow.

No Baron’s mount on that run – but I did get the Piccolo!


Piccolo of the Flaming Fire

Piccolo of the Flaming Fire


So…if I’m having problems healing with the new Disc spec, I can at least make everyone dance!


Still working on the Explore Eastern Kingdoms Achievements – it’s going very slow because it gets boring very quickly!

I don’t have to worry about the “suicide run” into Orgrimmar anymore!  The last night before Patch Day I joined a “For The Alliance” run and the first city they tried was Orgrimmar.

While we were gathering at the “hiding” place outside the city, a couple of Horde spotted us so that killed the “surprise” factor.  The Raid Leader decided to go for it anyway but it was a complete wipe – at least I got the “Discovered Orgrimmar” and don’t have to go there again!

After the wipe I decided to try for one of the easier Achievements – “Critter Gitter.”  There is an area just outside the Argent Tournament with lots of penguins, so for a few minutes I had a bunch of little friends following me around!

Critter Gitter Achievment

Critter Gitter Achievment

All my Critter friends

All my Critter friends