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Yes, that’s just about all I got to do before an almost immediate wipe.

I was asked to come along and heal a 10-man attempt, and even though I was quite clear that I didn’t know the new Disc very well and didn’t know the fights at all…well, they took a chance (and I am grateful!)

I would love to say that I stepped up to the plate and magnificently healed with group with intelligent use of spells, procs and cooldowns, but I can’t.

The new style of Disc healing with it’s much weaker shields and heals has me more confused than I expected.  Greater Heal or Heal instead of Flash Heal?  What happened to my Prayer of Mending?  Did that shield break as soon as I cast it?

I was a terrible healer – horrible in fact.  Before the changes I wasn’t a great healer, but I was learning and was starting to heal Heriocs with more confidence.

But now…I haven’t had a chance to practice this new healing style since Cataclysm was released.  Anyway, how does one practice it without subjecting other innocent toons in random 5-mans to wipe after wipe while I’m trying to figure out what’s going on?

I know, I should have declined but I figured this was my only chance to actually see the infamous Lich King in The Frozen Throne so I went.

I’ve watched videos of this fight but it’s nothing like standing right there yourself – tense, scary and exciting!

So….after the dialogue the fight barely begins and wham!  Wipe before I can get a Greater Heal off.

Oh well.

I appreciated the invite even though I was a miserable failure because now at least I can say I saw it for myself…

Lich King The Frozen Throne

Lich King The Frozen Throne

I have to apologize to the team – hopefully I’ll get another chance one day when I’m a better healer.

Back to the Tournament

After the Lich King encounter, I sent my Priest to the Argent Tournament to do the dailies and start racking up more Champion’s Seals so I can purchase the BoA shoulders and chest pieces for my baby Shaman.

Right now she’s wearing my old Priest BoAs but I thought the Shaman pieces would be better than cloth because they will scale up to mail at some point.

One of the dailies was Get Kraken! – a difficult one for me in the beginning but now I’m getting rather good at it and actually find it fun.

If one kills the Kraken, the rumor is an extra quest is available for experience and little gold reward.

I’m sure I’ve killed that silly Kraken at least a couple of times but never got the extra quest until last night when the Kraken Tooth appeared in my bags.

Kraken Tooth

Kraken Tooth

I was hoping for an extra Champion’s Seal but the reward is just experience and bit of gold.

Kraken Quest Identifying the Remains

Kraken Quest Identifying the Remains

After my spectacular failure at the Lich King encounter, it was actually nice to get a reward for killing a monster!

I collected enough Champion’s Seals I needed to purchase the Mystical Vest of Elements (and wiping out all my Champion’s Seals) and mailed it off to my Shaman.

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake…redux

I had also forgotten to pick up an Oracle’s Mysterious Egg for my Priest so I took a little side trip to get one, then logged off my Priest and logged on my Hunter.

I did remember to get a Mysterious Egg for my Hunter, and since she already was lucky enough to get the Reign of the Green Proto-Drake and the Proto-Drake Whelp, I’ve been hoping for the pet to send to my Priest.

So…I opened my Cracked Egg and you guessed  it – another Reins of the Green Proto-Drake!

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

Of course these are Soulbound so the only option is to delete it if one already has it, but oh how I wish these were BoA!  I could mail it to my Priest and never have to purchase another Mysterious Egg!

So…it was a night of good news/bad news/good news.

On a positive note, I do know what I will be doing over the holidays….studying up on the new Disc healing!

March 2023

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