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Exalted with the Kurenai

After finishing the weekly raid (yes, I did remember to pick up the quest!) and my usual dailies, I decided to simply grind out the rest of the Kurenai reputation since my Priest was about 326/21000 into Revered.

Unlike the Sporeggar or even the Wintersaber Trainers that at least have a couple of quests to choose from, the Kurenai rep grind is just about as exciting as grinding for the Timbermaw Hold.

Once all the quests that give Kurenai rep are completed, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – left to do but kill the appropriate mobs (10 rep points/each) and turn-in Obsidian Warbeads (500 rep points/10 beads.)

When I did this on my lower-level Hunter, I picked one small cave and ran a circuit there as the mobs were tougher to kill.

I decided to be a little more adventurous with my Priest and picked the area with two caves at Warmaul Hill – lots and lots of Ogres!

The good news – running a circuit through both caves was very fast and the respawn rates were quick enough to cut the “downtime” of waiting for more Ogres.

The bad news – a very busy place with lots of level 80s grinding out reputation!

There was so much competition at Warmaul Hill I tried the next best spot at Southwind Cleft, but when I arrived all the Ogres were dead with a couple of  players already there waiting for respawns.

I flew around to a few other areas but any spot that had a decent number of Ogres were very busy, so…..

I went back to where I started with my Hunter – the small cave at the Burning Blade Ruins.

Nagrand - Burning Blade Ruins

Nagrand - Burning Blade Ruins

This doesn’t appear to be a very “popular” grinding spot on my server – I only saw a player or two the entire time I was there and they didn’t stay very long.

I expect this is because there are not a lot of Ogres here and if you can kill them quickly there is a “downtime” waiting for respawns.

Fortunately the downtime wasn’t very long and I was able to keep up a fairly steady pace, so about 4 or 5 hours later I managed to reach Exalted and get my Priest “the Diplomat” title.

"Oh My, Kurenai" Achievement and "The Diplomat" Title

"Oh My, Kurenai" Achievement and "The Diplomat" Title

I only took a break once to empty my bags, vendor the trash and auction the 43 stacks of Netherweave Cloth and 28 Green items dropped from the Ogres.

By the time I reached Exalted, I had made enough gold from the drops to purchase the Kurenai Tabard and all the Talbuk mounts!

White Riding Talbuk

White Riding Talbuk

There’s just something about the Talbuk mounts I really love, especially that there is a “no armor” version available for each color.

Grinding this reputation for the Achievements and the Title is nice, the gold made from drops is profitable, but getting to ride a beautiful Talbuk mount?  Priceless!

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