Got my Warlock to level 60. That too was painful because I would usually forget to soul stone myself and make some warlock cookies.

Yeah…the World’s Greatest Warlock lol.

Level 60 – better late than never!

I’ve been dragging my DH through the 9.1 campaign and it hasn’t been too bad so far.

I should note that I still haven’t finished the 9.0 stuff particularly with Torghast. I can’t finish the quest to find Andiun because I can’t kill the last boss.

I should also note that yes, with the help of guildies I got my legendary cape + an upgrade!

Now it seems as though it’s all for nothing with 9.1. It might not be a problem for me because I don’t do Mythic dungeons, Mythic raids (lol) and I’ve only done one LFR so I won’t be getting any of the gear that makes you re-do all your legendaries.

So…I’m hitting the gear wall.

I have a couple of Mythic pieces I can still upgrade (yes – I was totally carried by guidies through a couple of Mythic dungeons) but the rest of my gear is under 200.

I’ve been flipping between leveling my DK/Mage and doing the new zone so that should keep my busy for a while.

Maybe upgrading my gear will let me at least find Andiun before the next patch comes out….