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Got my Rogue to level 60 (lockboxes!) and geez was that painful.

We thought it would never happen

This might come as a shocker, but I was playing my Rogue all wrong. I still forgot poisons, left a couple of important spells off my bars, and generally was playing like it was still Wrath of the Lich King.

So…I spent some time reading up on Shadowlands Rogues, fixed up my stuff and found I died about a minute later than before so success?

Yeah my Rogue is squishy. Can’t handle two mobs. Has to eat after every pull. Spent a small fortune on food just to get from level 48 to 60.

But the star of the show is Vanish.

Get low on health?


Pull that elite by mistake?


The mob you carefully pulled brings all his friends?


I was using Vanish so much I moved it to a more convenient spot on my bars.

Of course it took me twice as long because I had to pickpocket every single mob that had pockets. Good thing too because I needed the silver and gold for all those repairs.

That makes two level 60s although I probably won’t be dragging her around like my Demon Hunter. She has Enchanting and Jewelcrafting so I’ll be working on leveling those up and maybe doing dailies once in a while.

My Demon Hunter has been working on her covenant stuff in anticipation of 9.1 flying, so I got her maxed out to 40 and did all the Exploration achievements (just in case – you never know.)

I even dragged her through Torghast a few times and it wasn’t too bad with some upgraded gear, but with the 9.1 speed fest coming I think I’ll skip it.

I got a few legendary things but of course they are all the crappy ones so no point making one right now.

Since 9.1 is “coming soon” I think I’ll just chill out for a while. I’ve got my Warlock at level 56 to finish up, my Death Noob and my Mage. I thought my Mage was level 54 or something but when I looked she was level 48. Flashbacks of Rogue leveling all over again….

May 2021

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