Mechanical Dragonling

I had picked up this schematic earlier after a short search for the “hidden” vendor, and had just about forgotten it during my own quest to make the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti.

The Mechanical Dragonling does not count towards the pet achievements (as it is a time-limited combat pet) but since I’m fond of the Dragonling models and they are relatively very inexpensive to make, I decided to make one just for fun.

Mechanical Dragonling

Mechanical Dragonling

All it requires is 1 x Bronze Framework, 2 x Iron Strut, 2 x Gyrochronatom and 1 x Citrine – everything I already had in the bank.

It also requires Engineering 200 to use and will take up a Trinket slot so it’s probably not going to be much use as more important Trinkets come along.

Elite Dragonkin

I actually had an opportunity to use the little dragonling to fight for me shortly after it was created.  I had read about the Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling dropping from Cobalt Mageweavers in the Winterspring area and decided to take a run out there to try and get one.

There are very few Cobalt Mageweavers patrolling around mixed up with Cobalt Scalebane, Cobalt Wyrmkin and those nastly little Spell Eaters and Cobalt Whelps.

I also spotted a couple of Elite named Dragons – “Scryer” and “Spellmaw” so if you’re hunting the area don’t forget to look up once in a while.

All of these (including the elite dragons) are easy to kill except the Spell Eaters and Whelps are impossible to pull individually – they want to bring all their friends to the fight.

I can handle two or three at a time with my pet, but five or six just means another HRG (humiliating run from the graveyard).

I was doing fine soloing the area until I inadvertently ran into a cluster of the Spell Eaters and called the Mechanical Dragonling to assist with the fight.  It will only fight for one minute but it was enough to re-establish crowd control and saved me from the graveyard.

At this point I decided to enlist my Warrior pal to help clear the area and together we managed to make it through most of the cave and kill one of the Elite Dragons.

Unfortunately, none of the Cobalt Mageweavers dropped the schematic – all they dropped were two Pattern: Robe of Winter Night (Tailoring and Bind on Pickup), one Recipe: Greater Arcana Protection Potion (Alchemy) and a bunch of silver.

I was hoping at least the Elite Dragon would drop something interesting, but it was just 2s – not a very profitable adventure!

Death Knight

Since I’ve mixed up my Professions a little (Skinning and Engineering) I decided to roll another character to pick up complimentary professions so I can trade resources between them.

I installed Wrath of the Lich King and created a Death Knight.  Yes, I know all about the bad reputation Death Knights have but I just couldn’t bring myself to go through all those low level quests – again!

At least a Death Knight starts at level 55 and has some new terrain to look at with the added bonus of quests I haven’t seen yet.

So as soon as I can find a profession trainer, I’ll go for Mining and either Jewelcrafting or Enchanting.

Goblin or Gnome?

I suppose I need to make a decision regarding the Engineering specialization for my Hunter, but at this level there is really no advantage to either one other than where one wants a portal or if one prefers bullets or arrows.

If Goblin Engineering made arrows it would be an easy decision but they don’t – they make bullets.  Not a problem except I’ve seen a lot more bows than guns and while I have no preference (other than what the stats might bring) it just seems easier to find bows.

I’ll have to read up more on the specializations to find out if either one would be a particular advantage – decisions, decisions….