So now that I’m out of a job a new computer is definitely off the table in the foreseeable future.

I’ve tried a few things with my old laptop and now know what I can/can’t do with it.

I can fish, trap, Archaeology, basic Garrison work and questing related stuff.

I can’t do most dungeons, any raids or PvP stuff like battlegrounds.

What??? No PvP?  Boo! Hoo! That’s really gonna hurt! (haha)

I tried MC core a couple of times (yeah, I really wanted to try to get the pet) but it’s a no-go.

I get about 3-5 FPS at best with “Low” settings so my poor old laptop can’t handle it.  It actually started making a scary noise at one point so I don’t think we want to go there.

But I can Fish and I can quest with some side trips for Archaeology.

I had pre-paid WoW a while ago so I think I’m good up until sometime in March.

After that well…I guess I’ll see what the New Year brings.

Until then, be prepared for in-depth reports on Fishing and maybe a special feature on “How to Trap Animals Instead of Yourself.”