Well, I had to move *again* so at this critical time in WoW I find myself without my computer hooked up yet.

Since I can’t run my 13 (yes, 13) level 90s for the HH mount, I’ll have to write it off for Year #5 and hope maybe next year.

Yes, my IP provider actually showed up and got everything set up on moving day so theoretically everything works.

The only problem is the tech attached a 2-foot cable to the box, so once I got everything unpacked well…I can’t plug anything in because I can’t move the box close to stuff that actually needs to be plugged in because of the 2-foot cable.

Yeah.   He set up everything with stuff on the floor so of course a 2-foot cable works.  I guess it never occurred to him that perhaps the TV, computer, etc. probably wouldn’t be staying on the floor next to the connection.

Now I have to book another appointment to get a longer cable.

*bangs head on keyboard attached to dead computer with no internet connection”