So…I thought I’d work on leveling my Green Fire Warlock up to 120 since she’s been sitting at 113 for while.

Things were going pretty good until I got to the underwater quest chain from the Tortollans.

I died twice.

Yes, I died twice with all the Warlock goodies:  a Soulstone (I forgot to use), Healthstones I forgot to conjure, and not using Drain Life because I didn’t have it on my bars.

Yup, the Black Harvest will probably revoke my Warlock card…

I did manage to make it to 117, so only 3 more miserable levels left to go.

I also have a Nightborne Warlock and a Void Elf Warlock both around level 33.  I just can’t bring myself to level two more characters.

I already have the Void Elf heritage armor, but not the Nightborne.  I think Nightborne and Void Elf Warlocks would be fun to play and look good but leveling…ugh.

I’d just race change my current Warlock to Void Elf but I don’t want to lose the Human rep buff because Blizzard is tying reps to everything these days.

Oh well.

Back to Island Expeditions.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and snag the parrot mount – HAHAHAHA!