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Got my Demon Hunter to level 60. No rush, just taking my time and as with all new expansions, dying – a lot.


That’s the theme of Shadowlands for me.

More than 2 mobs?


Quest boss?


Get lost and run into a pack of mobs?


Anything in the Maw?

Really Dead.

On the bright side, I am familiar with every flipping graveyard in every zone. I’ve become more familiar with the navigation through the zones by running back to my body than doing quests.

Ok I’m finally level 60 – now what?

I picked the vampire people covenant because that’s supposed to be good for Demon Hunters. I got a few things started although I’m still a little confused about how it’s supposed to all work and all the different “stuff” to collect.

I haven’t been able to make much progress because I log in, pick up whatever quests are available, then spend most of my time in the graveyard because I can’t even do a daily without dying at least once (usually more lol.)

I’ve tried Torghast a few times. I have the quest to kill something but I can never find it. I think I got up to floor six but I had my behind handed to me so I’ll have to wait until I get better gear or something.

Yeah, kind of a conundrum – I need better gear to make dailies less painful but I can’t get the gear because I can’t do the dailies.

Not sure what the solution is lol.

I was feeling a little defeated so I decided to take a break from graveyard running and get the “secret” Glimr murloc pet.

All was going well except the part where I had to kill a bunch of crabs. I didn’t realize they were level 60 until I aggroed 4 of them and you guessed it – Dead.

Ok. After taking a very long time sneaking around and killing one at a time (with more deaths of course) I finally got to the part in the quest chain where you have to kill the walrus “boss.”

Couldn’t do it.

I tried six times until all my armor was yellow and I finally gave up.

I couldn’t kill a walrus.

Oh well.

I wasn’t doing any better in Shadowlands so I might as well go back to doing a daily or two until I’m tired of graveyard runs.

I’m taking my Warlock through next – got her to level 55 and she seems to be having a slightly easier time than my Demon Hunter, so it gives me the illusion that I’m actually accomplishing something in Shadowlands.

Am I having fun yet?

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