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Simplified Method of Reaching Exalted with the Wintersaber Trainers

  1. Talk with Riven Frostwind
  2. Ride to Quest area
  3. Did you fall asleep and ride off a cliff?  Yes go to 4.  No go to 5.
  4. Resurrect/bandage up.  Go to 2.
  5. Arrive at Quest area
  6. Did you remember to pick up the Quest(s)?  Yes to go 8.  No go to 7.
  7. Bang head on keyboard.  Go to 1.
  8. Other players killed your targets?  Yes go to 9.  No go to 12.
  9. Wait
  10. Wait
  11. Wait
  12. Kill Quest targets
  13. Return to Riven Frostwind
  14. Turn in Quest(s)
  15. Watch Reputation bar increase by minuscule amount.
  16. Go to 7.

Repeat Ad Nasium until:

  1. You reach Exalted and can purchase the Winterspring Frostsaber mount, or
  2. You discover watching ice cubes melt is more entertaining than grinding this reputation

Only 22 turn-ins left to go….

Exalted Champion of Gnomeregan and Stormwind

Finished up the Champion status for Gnomeregan and turned in the 25 Valiant Seals for Stormwind.

Exalted Champion of Gnomeregan

Exalted Champion of Gnomeregan

I picked up the quest to challenge the Champion, defeated the Champion and got my Exalted Champion of Stormwind Achievements.

Exalted Champion of Stormwind

Exalted Champion of Stormwind

Now I have 3 flags my little Squire can carry around.  Next up – Ironforge Champion, then Exodar for the last Alliance city – just rinse and repeat.

Battle for Wintergrasp

I’ve been finding my way around Wintergrasp a little better.  It’s actually quite simple:

  • find Horde
  • kill Horde
  • wait in Graveyard

I had racked up a respectable amount of Honor points so I decided to treat myself to a PvP gear piece.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research first and found out later I picked a particularly crappy chest piece.

Oh well.

I don’t see myself doing a lot of PvP anyway so it will probably be fine for the moment.

Note to self:  Do research before making expensive purchases!

September 2022

Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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