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For the Alliance?

Other than the occasional LFD, I tend to avoid PUGs as much as possible because you never know what you’ll get and frankly, the odds of getting a decent group are almost zero.

So when I received an invite to join a For the Alliance raid I was naturally suspicious but since I had just finished up some dailies and my warrior friend was interested in going, I thought I’d give it a try.

(Note: Warrior friend won the roll for a Battered Hilt yesterday so he’s been in a particularly good mood.)

After spending about 30 minutes watching the confusing and less-than-coordinated raid chat, I expected it would be nothing more than a massive toon suicide attempt.

I was not disappointed.

First, there was a long “discussion” about which city to attack first after most players had already gathered outside Silvermoon City as per the Raid Leader’s directions.

Second, there were long waits for other raid members to arrive as no one seemed particularly interested in summoning anyone, including players who probably misread the “discussion” and went to one of the other cities.

Third, there were the inevitable kicks (players under level 80), quitters (“gotta leave in 10 min”, “my GF called me”, “my mom is mad”, etc., etc.) and waiting again for invites to fill the holes.

Probably the saddest one of all was a healer who rage/quit because he/she couldn’t figure out why the healing grid only showed ten people instead of 40 (ummm…you’re already on the internet – why not alt-tab out and look it up?  or maybe try your grid “options”?)

Finally everyone arrived, buffed up and was ready to go.  I realize that killing Lor’themar Theron is the easiest of the bunch (who ever goes to Silvermoon City anymore?) but I must admit it was a lot of fun rushing the city en masse, getting the leader in my sights and firing away until he was dead.

It was great “revenge” feeling for all those Horde players who killed me while I was doing a fishing daily or a quest.

Killed in Quel'Thalas Achievement

Killed in Quel'Thalas Achievement

Next up was the Undercity but apparently (according to the raid chat) the Horde knew we were coming and were waiting for us.  Raid leader had us enter the city through the sewers but to say it was a wipe is an understatement – it was a bloody, mass slaughter.

The sad part was we might have had a chance of pulling it off but many players seemed to have the attention span of a sand flea or appeared incapable of following simple directions (“follow the guy with a star over his head” wasn’t clear enough?)

It was no surprise the raid broke up after that (the kid’s mom was really mad by this time anyway) so the rest of the For the Alliance! achievement will have to wait for another day.

Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted.

Leveling a Priest….Rinse, Repeat and Mr. Pinchy

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on leveling my Priest to get her up to 80 as soon as possible.

Yes, I know, I know – I need to gear up my poor hunter but I never expected the healing class to well, just be so much darn fun!

It is also much easier for my Priest to get queues in LFD and it’s painfully obvious that other players are a lot more forgiving towards a priest than a hunter.  My hunter is more likely to get kicked and/or raged on for the “wrong” gear or “just because” that makes it all the more difficult to run instances to get the gear in the first place.

Occasionally my Priest will get the “WTF HEALZ” if there is a wipe but I’m never too concerned about saving toons that rage and can’t spell (although I will always try to save everyone only if the tank is safe.)

At level 66 I have quite a few healing tools as a Disc priest, but I’m obviously not in ICC gear yet so I can’t always mitigate or heal damage as fast as it’s going down and I have no talent points in “heal idiot” (yes, I’m looking at you, Death Knights.)

One of the interesting side effects of leveling another toon to 80 is having to repeat not only quests, but achievements.

The quests part is easy – now that I’m in Outland, I can pick and choose which quests I know I like to do, which quests are fast to get experience, and quests to be avoided like the plague at all costs.

Achievements are not so easy.  They need to be painfully repeated for each toon if one is interested in Achievements and the worst ones are those that are dependent upon the Random Number Generator.

I was already lucky to get Old Ironjaw relatively quickly on my Priest, but so far I have not seen any sign of the Sea Turtle after spending hours of fishing in Northrend (no mean trick for a low level Priest since just about every mob is a “skull” level.)

My Priest hadn’t fished in Outland yet, so after the spectacular For the Alliance wipe, I decided to work on her fishing skill and try for Mr. Pinchy.

I flew around until I found a relatively safe area with the Mixed Highland Pools (Lake Ere ‘Noru) and settled in for a nice, quiet fishing session.

First cast in the first pool, I got Mr. Pinchy.

Mr. Pinchy

Mr. Pinchy

Clicked it for my first wish, and got the Magical Crawdad pet!

Magical Crawdad Pet

Magical Crawdad Pet

And of course, the Achievement.

Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Achievement

Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Achievement

I continued fishing in the same pool, caught two Furious Crawdads and the next cast….you guessed it – another Mr. Pinchy!

Mr. Pinchy the Second

Mr. Pinchy the Second

Next cast in same pool….a third Mr. Pinchy!

Mr. Pinchy the Third

Mr. Pinchy the Third

I decided to stop fishing since I had enough Fishing Skill to become a Grand Master Fisherman.

Grand Master Fisherman

Grand Master Fisherman

I never thought I would say this but please, no more Mr. Pinchys!  How about the same luck with another Sea Turtle?

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