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I fished up both of these in Zangarmarsh while working on the Daily Fishing Quest Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy.

Huge Spotted Feltail

Huge Spotted Feltail

Enormous Barbed Gill Trou

Enormous Barbed Gill Trout

Both fish can be used off hand or in cooking with the Feltail recipe Fisherman’s Feast and the Trout recipes Hot Buttered Trout and Stewed Trout.

I don’t have the recipes yet but I can pick them up before the next Daily Fishing Quest.  Until then, I’ll just equip them off-hand for fun.

I wanted to get my fishing skill up to 350 so I decided to try for Old Ironjaw in Ironforge.  No luck getting Old Ironjaw, but I did fish up a Bloated Mud Snapper.

Bloated Mud Snapper

Bloated Mud Snapper

I also fished up two Minor Mana Potions , one Green set of low level gloves, several Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish, a few Raw Brilliant Smallfish and about 200 Raw Longjaw Mud Snappers.

The Bloated Mud Snapper purportedly contain one of four possible gems although I haven’t opened it – after fishing up a ton of Mud Snappers I just didn’t want to see any for while….I’ll open it tomorrow.

It’s a little boring fishing in the Ironforge cave since there isn’t any scenery to look at – good thing Mr. Pinchy gave me the Magical Crawdad pet for some company!

The Daily Cooking Quest was Revenge is Tasty – again!  This is the second time in three days for this quest.  I have plenty of Warp Flesh and Warp Burgers and getting the Giant Karili Wing isn’t too much of a problem but I hope something else turns up tomorrow.

No Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake yet – I got the Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin from the Barrel of Fish reward.  Now I just have to fish up some Bloodfin Catfish as this recipe restores health and give a 30 minute +8 resistance to all schools of magic – very nice buff!

I brewed up a few Captain Rumsey’s Lager for the Achievement and who knows?  Maybe a drink or two will help fish up Old Ironjaw.

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