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Defending Wintergrasp

My Warrior friend talked me into trying out Wintergrasp as I was looking at some BoA equipment that might be useful for my Priest.

Queue, battle starts and while I’m running around picking up the quests everyone leaves the building.  I can’t find the exit.

So I run around a bit more until I find a way outside right smack into a bunch of Horde and total chaos (we were apparently defending.)

Locked on an enemy and started shooting.  Downed the first, went on to the next while trying to run after the crowd as I had no idea where I was or where I should be going.

I was doing okay until wham!  Rogue sneaks up behind and I’m in the graveyard.

This was a little embarrassing since as a Hunter I have a few “anti-Rogue” tools at my disposal – Hunter’s Mark, Flare – I should have at least put down a trap or two.

Oh well.

We successfully defended Wintergrasp, received my 3 Stone Keeper’s Shards and even managed to get a couple of Achievements: 500 Honorable Kills, Wintergrasp Victory, Destruction Derby and completed a step for Wintergrasp Ranger.

I also noticed my Honor points jumped up considerably.  I started out with a little more than 3,000 and racked up more than 20,000.

Not that I need PvP gear, but I might try it again and start saving up for one of the mounts.


One of my guild members requested a couple of stacks of Medium and Heavy Leather for a project, so I decided to go to the Swamp of Sorrows.  Hunting down the Tiny Emerald Whelpling has made me very familiar with the drops and leather skinned from the area and there is always the chance I might snag another pet.

No pet this time, but plenty of leather, green drops and vendor trash.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the MOLL-E mailbox, send off the leather and clear out my bags.



I must say it’s very handy to be able to drop a mailbox in the middle of nowhere!

Getting Even with Gretta

I’ve been running these dailies for a few weeks and getting nothing but stinky cheese, snowballs and the occasional mountain water.

I suppose I can always use cheese and water, but since I have the Snowmaster 9000 I can make my own snowballs so….

Throwing Snowballs at Gretta

Throwing Snowballs at Gretta

It almost makes up for not getting the Reins of the White Polar Bear.

August 2022

Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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