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Yes, the “Dangerously Delicious” Dalaran Daily Fishing Quest popped up last night and this time we ran into a few Horde players hanging around and killing players trying to fish (apparently it requires a significantly higher brain function to comprehend the difference between fighting and fishing.)

I was fighting an elemental that had decided to attack when a Horde player came up behind me and killed me – I guess the poor kid needed some outside help to take out another player!

We were fishing quite close to the graveyard so it wasn’t a big deal to resurrect and just keep on fishing.  Horde players still kept killing us but there is one indisputable, undeniable fact about WoW players – they have short attention spans.

Want to win at PvP?  Wait it out.

I’ll bet all my gold that in less than a minute, the player will get bored and move on.

I didn’t fight back, I didn’t respond to any of the “whispered” taunts – just kept on fishing.  Sure enough, it only took about 38 seconds for the Horde player to get bored and move on.  While other players were fighting back, I finished fishing up my 10 Terrorfish and left – I win!

I was hoping for at least a nice reward in the Bag of Fishing Treasures, but all I got was a gold coin and some worthless glass.

Since I had to pay more for gear repairs than what I got as a reward, the next time I have to fish in Wintergrasp I’m leaving all my gear in the bank and will just wear one of my Lovely dresses.

The only question now is whether to wear the purple, red, green or black dress?

The Outland Daily Fishing Quest was “Crocolisks in the City”.  I was happy to see this quest as “Chucky” is the last Bucket Pet I need, but I didn’t get it – just 3 fish hooks and more worthless glass.

As for the Daily Cooking Quests – no, I didn’t get the Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake – again!

Kalu’ak Reputation and a New Recipe

I was finishing up the Kalu’ak Daily Quests and while I was working on “Planning for the Future” with a friend, he calls me over and tells me to loot a Wolvar he just killed – it was the Last Weeks Mammoth recipe!

Now I have all the four “emotion” recipes – Last Weeks Mammoth, Bad Clams, Haunted Herring and Tasty Cupcake – certainly makes up for getting nothing in the Daily Cooking and Fishing quests.

Another Rare Spawn

I decided to go to Zangarmarsh and kill a few Bogflare Needlers to see if I could get the Firefly pet.  No pet, but I noticed a very large Marsh Strider that was bright pink instead of the usual blue color.

It was a named elite – Marticar – so I killed it and it dropped a few Glowing Spores and a blue item Striderhide Cloak of the Invoker.

Rare Spawn Marticar

Rare Spawn Marticar

This counts towards the “Bloody Rare” Achievement.  I had already earned the “Medium Rare” Achievement for killing the Bog Lurker so this gives me two towards the achievement.

Unfortunately the cloak isn’t much use to me so I might get a few gold from it at the Auction House.

Only two more days until I reach Exalted with the Kalu’ak and can get the Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole and the Nurtured Penguin Egg for the Pengu pet!

September 2022

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