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Great Brewfest Kodo

I was finally lucky enough to have the Great Brewfest Kodo mount drop for me in the Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest!

Great Brewfest Kodo

Great Brewfest Kodo

I guess I didn’t have to spend those Brewfest Tokens on the hops, but RNG is random so better to spend a few tokens and get the Achievement than wait for a drop that might never happen.

Apparently there is also a Feat of Strength Achievement for obtaining a mount – “A Brew-FAST Mount.”

A Brew-FAST Mount Feat of Strength Achievement

A Brew-FAST Mount Feat of Strength Achievement

I’m not sure why this would be a Feat of Strength unless it’s really tough getting that Kodo out of a barrel!

Great Brewfest Kodo Mount

Great Brewfest Kodo Mount

It’s nice to get a Horde mount that isn’t available to an Alliance character (as the Ram mount is for the Horde) although I must say it’s a rather bumpy ride!

A Different Sporeggar Rep Strategy

When I did the Sporeggar rep grind on my Hunter, I wasn’t level 80 yet so I was limited to the few repeatable quests that didn’t, well, kill me several times while attempting them.

This time, the rep grind with my Priest was a lot easier as she is level 80 and has a dual spec Disc/Shadow.

I decided to go Shadow and try soloing enough of the The Underbog instance to gather up Sanguine Hibiscus for the “Bring Me A Shrubbery!” (starter quest) and “Bring Me Another Shrubbery!” (repeatable) quests.  I had read that the Hibiscus turn-ins were the best way to get Sporeggar reputation so I thought I’d try it.

Note:  If you want to try this, be sure to pick up the “Oh, It’s On!” and “Stalk the Stalker” quests if you haven’t done them already for extra reputation points.

The Sanguine Hibiscus spawn at various locations on the ground (a map of spawn points can be found in the comments section at WoWHead) and has a chance to drop from the mobs.

I only ran the instance about 4 times up to the Naga patrol on the bridge and on each run I managed to get between 25-30 Sanguine Hibiscus (5 Hibiscus/750 rep points per turn in.)

I didn’t want to run or reset the instance too many times as I believe after about 5 times there is an account-wide lock-out (I’m not sure how long) and you will be unable to enter any instance.

To avoid the lock-out, I picked up the “Now That We’re Friends…” (starter quest) and “Now That We’re Still Friends…” (repeatable) quest, ran it a few times, then back to the instance for more Hibiscus.

Ah yes, the Nagas!  I still have painful memories of my Hunter getting stomped and/or killed with this quest and I eventually abandoned it because it seemed to take forever kill all those Enchantresses and Slavedrivers.

With my level 80 Shadow Priest this quest was laughingly easy – DoT Nagas, run, Nagas die – rinse and repeat.

It would take about 5 minutes to do this quest – a big difference from the 20 or 30 minutes on my lower level Hunter (not including graveyard runs) – and gave me an extra 750 rep points on each quest circuit.

I started at about halfway into Honored and in a few hours had reached Exalted.

The Czar of Sporeggar

The Czar of Sporeggar

I picked up all the Glowcaps I could find while running the Nagas quest so by the time I reached Exalted I had enough “currency” to purchase the Sporeggar Tabard and the Tiny Sporebat pet.

Sporeggar Tabard and Tiny Sporebat Pet

Sporeggar Tabard and Tiny Sporebat Pet

Now all I left for The Diplomat title is the Kurenai reputation. Unfortunately, once all the quests are completed there is no other rep grind option other than killing Kil’sorrow Cult Members, Murkblood Broken, Ogres and turning in Obsidian Beads.

I never thought I’d say this, but back to the caves…..

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