Yup. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a tough time at the start of an expansion.

At least in other expansions you can get gear every now and then but this one? After quest rewards are over I’m stuck unless I start doing dungeons (LFD LOL), Mythics (Bigger LOL) or LFR.

Last expansion or two I could pick up gear here and there from dailies but this expansion? All I get is flipping anima. And if I’m lucky enough to find a belt or boots, it’s the same ones I got the last time.

At least I figured out how to die less (well…a little less.) I switched to Vengeance so running around doing dailies in tank spec makes life a whole lot easier. Sure, it takes me 10 times longer to kill anything, but I least I don’t die 50 times trying!

I just got burned out so I took a break and picked up my level 10 Void Elf Mage I created a while ago for some reason. I already have a Mage collecting dust somewhere, but who doesn’t want a Void Elf Mage?

Void Elf Mage in Legion

I dressed her up in the finest Heirlooms then headed to the Hero’s Call Board in Stormwind.

“Hey Adventurer – would you like to fight demons at the Broken Shore?”

I checked my level – still level 10 so….

“Of course I want to fight demons at the Broken Shore!”

So I took my baby level 10 Mage to the Broken Shore to fight demons I think I was fighting at level 100.

With the new(?) scaling system I could indeed fight demons so I’ve been slogging my way through Legion and made it to about level 36. No particular spec – been switching between Fire and Frost.

I also dusted off my Void Elf Death Noob (yes I like the Void Elves lol), got her to Shadowlands at level 48 so she’s been doing quite well stomping stuff in Blood spec.

I finally got the Glimr pet – a little gear upgrade made a difference (unless it was all nerfed) so I defeated the walrus, completed the quest chain so I can put that misery behind me lol.

Glimr – worth all the deaths!

A couple of the quests require you to get quest items that are underwater in fatigue zones. I discovered by accident that the Legion fishing pole that turns you into a fish also swims fast enough to get the items before dying.

My “main” DK is still slogging through dailies, anima and the covenant stuff. There is a quest “boss” or two I can’t actually kill yet, but if the Gear Gods smile upon me maybe I can get a couple of pieces that can help me kill them.

I’m so far behind as it is….