Wow…it’s been a while lol.

I’ve been playing a little bit here and there and I actually took a week or two away from WoW.

Ah, I remember the “good old days” when I played during Wrath.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work, get all the “chores” done and spend a few hours in the game.

It seemed like there was so much to do!

Now I log in, think “Ugh….dailies….” do a few then log off.

This Pathfinder crap with the rep requirements is also a turn off.  Since I missed a couple of weeks, I was really stuck with the new rep grinds.

The Mech one is particularly bad as I didn’t realize there were some “hidden” dailies I missed and other ways to get teeny amounts of rep such as the rare fish.

I was so close to getting Revered today I even ran back to Stormwind, turned on WM and did the daily lol.

But I finally got flying.



I don’t even care much anymore.


Blizzard has a way of making me not care.  I know the “psychology tricks” of RNG are designed to get you to keep trying, but ya know what?

Even mice will stop running the maze if they never get cheese.

Did you get gear?  Nope,  RNG
If you got gear, did it have the stats you need?  Nope, RNG
Was it upgraded?  Nope, RNG
Did that mount drop?  Nope, RNG
Do you have in-game currency/tokens to buy something?  Nope, RNG
If you bought gear with tokens did you get what you need?  Nope, RNG

Yup, talk about never getting the cheese.

I guess if I want cheese, I’ll go to the fridge and get some myself.