Once in a while I’ll check the Legion dailies as I still never got the Highmountain, Farondis or Valajar mounts.

The Farondis and Valajar were up so I did those and of course no mount, but as I was hearthing back to BFA I saw the “?” at Valajar for the emissary box.

Good thing I went back because that one finally had the stupid mount.

Valarjar Stormwing

Valarjar Stormwing

I’m not in a rush for the other two, it’s just something to do when I think about it.

I’ve been running my DH and Monk through the Darkshore warfront trying to get all the transmog leather pieces.  Between the two of them I have a set, but geez those weapons…

Of course if you want to use them you need two for DH and I think two maces for WW Monk, so good luck getting one.

I managed to get one of each and since they aren’t an upgrade from what I’ve got I can at least transmog them for the Darkshore “look.”

I’m so sick of warfronts….