I was determined to get the full transmog Darkshore gear experience for my Priest (no reason, just extra time over the holidays lol) so after a couple of days of running Darkshore every now and then, I finally got the Moonpriest set (and the set achiev!)

I guess I ran it enough times that I managed to snag both the Moonpriest’s Vestments and Moonpriest’s Garments.

Garments is the “shirt” version to wear with the pants:

Moonpriest's Garments

Moonpriest’s Garments

And the Moonpriest’s Vestments if you prefer the robe version:

Moonpriest's Vestments

Moonpriest’s Vestments

I don’t think there is a Main Hand/Off-Hand caster weapon in Darkshore, so I might be stuck with the staff if I want the entire “look.”

As a side note, running Darkshore wasn’t nearly as mind-numbingly boring as Stromgarde.  I think it’s because you are always moving in Darkshore where as in Stromgarde there is a lot of “sit around and wait” time.

We’ll see if that theory holds up as I have to run my DH and/or Monk through Darkshore for the leather set….