During the holiday break, the Stromgarde warfront was up for Alliance so I thought it would be a good time to get some 340 gear for my cute little Panda Priest.  I also wanted the cloth set for transmog so I had ulterior motivation.

Ugh…so boring…

But I slogged my way through one after another as I had a 370 one-hand mace drop a while ago but of course no off-hand.

So I was using a 340 staff (those seem to drop like flies) and I also needed an upgrade from blue pants, shoulders and helm.

It took me several runs off and on during one day, but I eventually got shoulders, pants, helm and yes – the elusive off-hand.

All with only 16 hours left for the warfront.

Panda Priest gets the off-hand!

Panda Priest gets the off-hand!

It would be nice to get the plate and mail sets but I don’t have any of those toons at 120 and it will probably be a while (lol forever) until I level them up.

I think there are three “varieties” for each armor type but I don’t care that much to keep slogging through warfronts.

Now…to get the leather and cloth Darkshore sets…here we go again.