Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I hope you all have a great time (in and out of WoW lol.)

I’ve been finding myself logging in less and less to WoW.  Not because I’m tired of the game, it’s just that I don’t have anything to do.

I’m sick to death of dailies, warfronts are boring (although I want to get a set of the Darkshore gear for a few of my alts) and I can’t even get excited about the islands to rack up enough coins for the pets.

I can’t even scrape up 4 people to run the Mythic 0 King’s Rest for the pet.

So…we know how well my “Return to GW2” went (yeah, dead in 2 seconds.)  I have The Secret World but I’m just so burned out on zombie stuff I can’t even bother to update it.

But never fear!  If I can be an idiot in WoW, The Secret World and GW2, then there is hope I can be an even better idiot in any other game!

I was watching this HeelsvsBabyface video “World of Warcraft vs Final Fantasy XIV vs The Elder Scrolls Online !!!” and thought Final Fantasy XIV looked interesting – especially the housing and crafting stuff.

So I tried the “free” version and guess what?

Yes, I died a few times lol.

But it was kind of fun so I ran some calculations and yes indeed – I could easily be an idiot in this game!

Unfortunately, the full game with expansions was about an $80.00 hit (the base game was about $20.00 but who wants just the base game lol.)  I suspected that during the holiday season there was a possibility it would go on sale, and sure enough!  The entire package was about $30.00 including 30 days free game time, so that was my Christmas present to me 😀

Now, keep in mind I know absolutely nothing about the game, it’s story, lore, gameplay, etc. so I did what any noob would do – make a Hunter character!

I’m such a noob I didn’t even know when I got a gear upgrade where it was or how to equip it, so yes!  I ran around in starter gear until I randomly found how to equip gear at about level 15.

And the quests!  Oh, the quests!  Those quests everyone loves!  “Kill 10 mites”, “Kill 10 spiders”, “Deliver *something* to the guy standing next to me.”  It was so much like WoW it brought a tear to my eye…

Professions?  I got that aced!  I randomly picked up Carpentry or something at one point and when I wanted to pick up Leatherworking I couldn’t drop Carpentry or I got some message about leveling it or something.

I have no idea how professions work but I do have a bag full of crafting materials I don’t know how to use!

I got a quest to go to the housing area but I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough gold to “buy” anything yet, and anyway all the lots seemed full.

Bottom line:  I’m a homeless Hunter with a Carpentry profession I can’t level up and bag full of random materials running around in level 8 gear with a big “NOOB” tattoo on my forehead.

But I am having fun…